Tasty Tuesday

Here’s a tasty snippet of Eternity. 

Stella  almost made it to the stairs before the first sob burned her throat. A body stopped her headlong race up her stairs. Blurry eyes, she couldn’t see who it was but, she brushed by him and stumbled into various rooms until she finally found her own.

She slammed the door behind her, tears stinging her eyes. They scorched a trail down her cheeks. “What did you expect?” she shouted at the empty room.

Undying love. All it took was a pretty story and she fell like a worn set of dominoes. “He lied.” He promised you nothing. Nothing at all. And while he made love to me, he thought of her.

Braced against the dresser, she stared at her reflection in the mirror and her stomach rolled. Roman Nicolis swept into her life as her savior, now she needed saving from him. “You stupid fool.”

Hysterical, she picked up the vase of fresh flowers. Ready to smash the roses, she caught her reflection again. The bitter woman staring back frightened her.

This couldn’t be her.

The door swung open.

Roman paused on the threshold. In the mirror, their eyes met and a cold calm enveloped her. He didn’t wait for permission to enter and she didn’t move. Suspended, she watched him until the click of the bedroom door closing released her. She spun around and faced him.

“I came to explain.”

“Get. Out.”

Want to know what Roman did and what happens next?

Eternity available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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