Six Sentence Sunday 9.30.12

A little set up:  This is a snippet from Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity.  The Goddess Nephythys’  has returned to her body. after leaving her corporeal form for her husband SET. Per their agreement he has use of her body every one thousand years. However, this time SET has discovered that she has been unfaithful.  And he is very angry.

Nephythys pushed away thoughts of Reign and shifted onto her side. As she drew her legs closed, ripples of pleasure cascade from her groin and tripped their ways through her body until every follicle of hair on her head sighed in exquisite pleasure. And continued on for seconds, minutes, hours, time ceased as her first orgasm traipsed through her. Breathless, she opened her eye and found her husband hovering over her.  He watched her quivering reaction with eyes that held a smug satisfaction she had never seen before.

“Rise.” He commanded and moved away.

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