Keep with the wet and wild theme of the I’ve post a sexy shower scene from,

EVERLASTING, the second novel in my Descendants of Ra Egyptian God series.

Transfixed, Reign couldn’t take his gaze from her pert, coral tipped ample breasts which balanced above a narrow waist that flared to voluptuous hips and a fiery strip of hair shielding her core. Everywhere his gaze traveled, her curvaceous body took his control on a dangerous trip.

Water cascaded from an overhead spout, plastering her hair in coppery waves, and streaked down a body built for pleasure. She plucked a container off a shelf and poured a substance into her palms. Whimsical jasmine scented bubbles erupted wherever she touched. They glided down her breasts, playfully peek-a-booed with her rigid nipples, dipped into her bellybutton, curved over her hips, tangled in her nest, and finished the marathon by racing down her long, graceful legs. Gossamer suds clung to places he wanted to taste and touch, linger over, revere.

She lathered her rear, cupped and caressed her flesh.  Foam cloaked her, then sluiced off leaving behind perfect skin. He tried to close his eyes to keep from lunging forward and claiming what his body demanded, but he couldn’t deny himself this pleasure. He had to see.

Alexis stared at him. Beads of water clung to her lashes, making her eyes sparkle. He waited for her to order him away, something Nephythys would do. A sultry smile graced her pouty lips as she crooked a finger and ordered him near. Fully clothed, he stepped under the spray.

She giggled and laughed . . . at him. A tinkling sound filled with mirth that carved out a hollow space in his heart. He was about to escape as far away as the tether would allow when she plucked the soaked shirt from his chest and slipped her hand beneath. His skin sizzled where she caressed. Her other hand skimmed down to his crotch.

His world shifted from a dismal abyss to a carnival filled with carnal delights all centered on one woman.

“I want you naked. Now,” she demanded.

His throat dried and the barrier keeping her hand from his hard cock vanished. Her soft palm gripped him hard. Her thumb slid over the tip and spread his juices. Slack-jawed, the back of his head slammed into the wall. Ripples of pent-up passion spread from his cock outward to every part of his being. She cupped his tight balls. His breath became ragged, whizzing through his lungs, whistling through his clenched teeth. She stroked him; up, down, around. Pumping with a steady rhythm until thought ceased and his hips took over.

She stopped, though her hand still fisted around the base of his shaft. He throbbed.

Do not cease!

She stepped away leaving him bobbing in the air and desperate for her touch. Water dripped from the tip of her nose to her cleavage and trailed down her abdomen.

“Turn around.” She ordered.

As he turned, she squeezed a handful of thick liquid into her palm from the same container. Jasmine and honey filled the air and he recognized it as the unique smell he always associated with her.

“Arms up and on the wall . . . please.”

Curiosity aroused as much as his body, he leaned forward and complied. Soapy hands shocked his nerve endings as she glided up the center of his back, over his shoulders and up his arms as far as her hands could reach, then scratched her way back down. A groan rumbled from his throat and he arched into the sensation.

“You like?” Her breath fanned his skin.

“Yes.” He panted.

Alexis soaped his buttocks. She slipped a hand between his legs and stroked from his thigh to his ankle, switched to his other leg and slid back up.


Never had a woman touched him so boldly.

“Now for your front.” She stepped back as he turned. Her gaze traveled over his body. Heat ignited in her eyes.  “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

Reign couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. He’d been called many things in his long life, but beautiful wasn’t on the list. For the first time, he was afraid. A woman had brought him low before, he couldn’t chance it, not again.

Fingers roamed his chest, teased his nipples, and eased down his abs. She took his hand and pulled him beneath the spray. On tip-toes, she leaned into him, her nipples pressed into him while her breast pillowed against his chest. Millimeters away from his lips, her tongue flicked out and licked his bottom lip.

“What are you waiting for?” Her belly brushed his arousal.

“You tease.” He didn’t recognize the strained voice that exited his mouth.

“Never about this.”

“You dangle what I want only to snatch it away the moment I reach for it.”

She grabbed his hands and forced him to her breasts. Her nipples pressed into his palms. Every muscle in him turned rigid. He crushed his lips to hers. She slid her hand up the back of his neck, slanted her lips across his, and drew his tongue into her mouth. Lost in the feel of her lush body and heady scent he wanted to lose himself in all she had to offer.

Reign yanked away. Rational thought was moments away from crumbling. “You don’t want this.”

“I do. I want you.”

Her slippery body drove him insane. And he adored it, loved that she made him want to commit a crime just to be near her, never wanted it to end.

Damnation. “. . . I won’t be gentle. I can’t. Not this time.” He hated that his voice trembled along with his body.

“I’m a big girl. I can handle you.”

Did you like it? Be sure to read Eternity, the first in the series before Everlasting’s release in August.

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Six Sentence Sunday Dec 2, 2012

Here’s another sample from my WIP, Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity. This is their first kiss. I hope you enjoy.


Holy hell, nothing had ever tasted so delicious, felt so delightful as Reign’s  firm lips slanted across Alexis’ mouth. His whiskers gently brushed her skin, heightening her senses. His scent, woodsy with a hint of musk, filled her lungs. She leaned into him, parted her lips, and licked the seam of his closed mouth. He shuddered and his lips parted. His tongue darted inside her mouth and ignited her blood.

Tasty Tuesday November 6 2012

Cheesecake for Election Day.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the election season, it’s time to sit back and enjoy some cake.



Original recipe makes 16 servingsChange Servings

  • 24 OREO Cookies, finely crushed
  • 6 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
  • 1 (14 ounce) package caramels
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 3 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 ounces semi-sweet baking chocolate


  1. Heat oven to 325 degrees F.
  2. Mix cookie crumbs and butter; press onto bottom and 2 inches up side of 9-inch springform pan.
  3. Microwave caramels and milk in a microwaveable bowl on high for 3 minutes or until caramels are completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring after each minute. Stir in nuts; pour half into crust. Refrigerate 10 minutes. Refrigerate remaining caramel mixture for later use.
  4. Beat cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with mixer until blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, mixing on low speed after each just until blended. Pour over caramel layer in crust.
  5. Bake 1 hour 5 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes or until center is almost set. Run knife around rim of pan to loosen cake; cool before removing rim. Refrigerate 4 hours.
  6. Microwave reserved caramel mixture 1 minute; stir. Pour over cheesecake. Melt chocolate; drizzle over cheesecake.

Kitchen-Friendly View

  • PREP30 mins
  • COOK1 hr5 mins
  • READY IN6 hrs10 mins


  • Note: Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees F if using a dark nonstick springform pan.
  • Nutrition Information Per Serving: 480 calories, 31g total fat, 15g saturated fat, 110mg cholesterol, 370mg sodium, 45g carbohydrate, 2g dietary fiber, 37g sugars, 7g protein.


    Available on Soulmate Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

    Stella’s eyes betrayed her. No matter how much she ordered them not to look at Roman, they continued to willfully stray. Damp hair curled around his ears and dangled into his eyes. A two-day shadow covered his cheeks and jaw, like stubbly grass on a recently plowed field.

    Her fingers ached to thread his hair and pull him closer just as her palms itched for the abrasive feel of his growing beard. Too busy devouring two porterhouse steaks, a heaping pile of potatoes, and corn, he didn’t see her longing. When he drained his beer, she got up and brought him another one. Raised eyebrows questioned her, she glanced away.

    “Thank you for dinner and the beer.”

    Cheeks hot, she started cleaning the kitchen and made room when he joined her. They worked well together. Within minutes the kitchen was clean and orderly. Roman grabbed another beer and went to the porch. She hesitated, but gave in to the need to be near him. Leaning against a pole, he stared at the quarter moon hanging over the lake.

    “Do you come up here often?” she asked studying his profile.

    “No . . . I need too, though. Solitude gives me clarity.”

    “So, you like being alone. I must have turned your safe, predictable life upside down.” Her voice broke with a shaky laugh. “Sorry for intruding. As soon as this is over, I’ll be out of your way.”

    The half empty beer in his hand shattered. Before she could react, he picked up the large pieces, kicked the rest off the porch and stalked back into the house.

    She followed, but he wouldn’t look at her while he checked the windows and locked the door. When he walked up the stairs to the bedroom and that decadence bed, he didn’t look back.

Six Sentence Sunday November 4, 2012

This is a snippet from my WIP, Everlasting. I hope you enjoy.

Once more, Detective Alexis shifted her butt, this time a little to the right. Blood returned to the numb area with a stabbing awareness which would’ve made her wince if it wasn’t for the two detectives sitting across the table staring at her. Standing and stretching was out of the question. The two would see it as a weakness they could exploit. They’d offer her something to eat, drink, another bathroom break, anything to get her to talk.

She almost laughed at their frustration, then she’d look down at the new jewelry linking her wrists together and her orange jumpsuit, and realized she had nothing to laugh about.

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Howloween Blog Hop



Alamut, the demon slave of the Egyptian God Anubis, is the lead villain in my Egyptian God series.

As a member of the Nicolis family, he has power and position. But he’s a bitter, hostile soul with ambitions well beyond his means. With borrowed power from Anubis and an ancient relic at his disposal, he has the means to overthrow a pantheon and reshape the world.

Here’s an excerpt from Eternity which gives you some insight into Alamut’s world.


I failed. Stella Walker lived.

Alamut—so named by his god Anubis—balled his hands at his sides. His gut twisted. A simple woman survived his harvesting when all others succumbed. Heart suspended in his chest, he leaned closer to the dresser mirror and stared into his blue irises, searching. There, swirling in the depth were writhing tendrils. Anubis hadn’t abandoned him. The god’s power still coursed through him. Dark, intoxicating threads granted him the power to supplant the will of mortals and lead them to their slaughter, all in the name of his master. Like water to a stranded man, only this quenched his thirst. Not the bonds of his false family or the duty and loyalty they demanded. Nothing mattered, but what the god promised. For his servitude, the power to rule would be his.

But Stella Walker still breathed. She refused to submit. Somehow she defied the power of Anubis and survived. Now she recuperated  in a hospital, guarded by the family, when her soul should be in the bowels of Duat, The Underworld, at Anubis’ command. All of the souls he harvested waited there in ceremonial jars for The Rising, the day Anubis would lead his army against his father, SET, for control of The Underworld and ultimately, Chemmis, the home of the Egyptian pantheon.


Damn it! He ground his teeth in frustration. Her survival could destroy everything for him. Instead of a general in Anubis’ army, he would remain here, locked in his current position as lackey in the Nicolis household.

One moment he was enjoying the final seconds with his latest victim, next a startled gasp jerked him around and stole those precious seconds from him. Frozen on the second floor ramp of the parking garage, the dim lighting in the garage haloed her. He almost dropped to his knees ready to repent for the cooling body still clutched in his hands. Until she turned and broke into a run.

No, not an angel. Mortal.

He dropped his victim and charged after her. She ran faster than expected. What should have been a short sprint turned into a chase from the garage and through downtown. He should’ve let her go. Left one alive to tell the tale. What she saw didn’t matter nor the innocence of her soul. She ran, he chased. Prey and predator. The outcome was a foregone conclusion, but she didn’t go down like the rest. She fought when others succumbed. Even when he used the power Anubis gifted him with, she battled for her life. He almost respected her. For days she lingered, each hour getting closer to death. Then suddenly Roman shows up and she opens her eyes. Stella!

“For his next trick, Roman will walk on water,” Alamut griped. The recently healed muscles on his back twitched with the memory of his more recent punishment. Anubis, The God of the Dead, had an abundance of knowledge about pain and torture. Roman would suffer for this, and so would she.

He glared at his image in the dresser mirror. His eyes glowed neon. The mirror warped, twisting his features into something familiar and grotesque. A monster. Good. The face of a monster was better than the visage returning his stare. The same deep blue eyes in a similar angular face with the same curly dark hair. This is the face the world saw and constantly compared to Roman. But he wasn’t Roman. He didn’t lead the family, wasn’t CEO of the company, and he wasn’t immortal. Roman was everything that the Nicolis name embodied, while the rest of the family withered in his shadow.

He buried his fist in the mirror. Shards exploded around his hand, showering glass everywhere.

Without warning, his bedroom door burst open and Thane entered. “What the fuck, man? What happened?” His head swiveled, taking in the damage.

Hand bleeding, he wiped his knuckles on his jeans and inhaled a slow breath. His heart rate steady, the donated energy from Anubis dissipated leaving his muscles quaking. One wrong move and he’d collapse. Thane approached warily studying him.

Show no weakness. Roman taught him that lesson here at RockGate. He learned it again at the feet of his god when he accepted enslavement. He looked over his shoulder at his older brother, nailing him with a stare.

Hmm, another new suit. He swallowed his scorn and forced a smile across his tight face. “I didn’t like what I saw.”

“Just realized you’re not as pretty as you thought, huh?” Thane chuckled, though the laughter didn’t reach his steady eyes. “Dinner’s ready. You coming?”

Strength returned in a rush. He swayed a bit, but managed to turn. Thane waited in the middle of his bedroom watching him with a gaze that used to intimidate. Not anymore.

“I have other plans.” He shrugged into his jacket and left Thane where he stood. Not caring what his brother thought.

Worry Thane, it’s what you do best. A gong sounded in his head, turning his smirk into a grimace. His vision wavered and dimmed. The Summoning began.

No. Not now. Paused on the first landing of the grand staircase, voices filtered from the dining room and other parts of the house. He couldn’t allow this to happen now, in the mansion with nearly everyone home.

Like someone taking a sledgehammer to the Liberty Bell, his head gonged again. Anubis called. He held his skull between his hands and tripped down the remaining stairs to land on his knees on the marble floor. He ignored the pain and staggered to his feet. Then the calling tugged on his soul, nearly bringing him down again. Footsteps echoed down the hallway, coming his way.

He dashed through the kitchen and stumbled into the garage. Alone, he grounded himself in this place and moment, holding his atoms together by the force of his will. Sweat drenched his clothes, plastering them to his frame. He couldn’t go, not now when he couldn’t explain or defend himself.

The pull ebbed, slowly releasing him. He hopped in his Mustang and peeled out of RockGate. Windows down, he hit one hundred on the highway and enjoyed the swerving car and beating wind. This is what he loved, the buzz of the edge, the thrill of pushing his mortality to milliseconds before the end and then pulling back. Immortality was wasted on Roman. Instead of living, he sat around waiting for a woman.

Stella. Her name rolled around his mouth like rock candy, banging his teeth, bruising his palate, but too damn tasty to spit out. Everything about her was sweet, especially her screams.

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Alpha Male Blog Hop

Meet The Descendents of Ra. The men of the Nicolis Family.

Four men: Twins, Roman and Reign, and two of their adopted brothers, Avery and Tyrone. All are alpha males with deep secrets and scars that have shaped them into the sometimes brutal, sometimes gentleman, oftentimes rogues, but full-time warriors.






Roman Nicolis

Cursed for 2000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is his only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover . . . until now.


Reign Nicolis.

Kill the beast, save your brother, win your freedom from the Goddess of the Dead. No problem for a 2000 year old warrior. Falling in love with the cop trying to arrest you? Problem


Tyrone Gregory

Born of a goddess and raised as human in Harlem, he searches for the truth his mother denies him. His quest will take him to the
dangerous desert sands of ancient Egypt and into the arms of the only woman he has ever wanted and cannot have.



Avery Nicolis

One stupid mistake has left him scared inside and out. Guilt fills his heart. Fear fuels his soul. One chance meeting is all he will have to correct his wrong and get the only thing that matters right.


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Excerpt from ETERNITY

Curled on his body in the middle of Central Park, Roman let Stella sleep. Holding her wasn’t a hardship as his mind wandered to the future, their future. Foolhardy, definitely, but what else could he do when he held the object of his obsession in his arms?

Remember your promise and let her go.

He stroked a wayward lock of hair behind her ear and slid his fingers down her silky cheek. She nuzzled him, turned her face into his palm and kissed him. Every noble intention evaporated like a bead of sizzling water in a hot skillet. Cock rock hard, he had to kiss her, feel her breath on his skin, in his body. In the deserted park, he needed her now.

The fine hairs on the back of his neck bristled. He froze. Battle instincts surged to the forefront, screaming for action, instead, he listened to the night surrounding him and waited. Though not a hub of wildlife, the creatures of Central Park were silent. They also waited. Somewhere, nearby, a predator stalked.

He nudged Stella. She stretched, making him aware of every curve and hollow she possessed, and purred, a sexy rumble deep in her throat. Before she could say a word, he cupped her head and pulled her into a quick kiss.

“Shhh, we’re in danger,” he whispered against her lips.

Her head popped up and she eased off him. In the gloom, her frightened eyes met his. “What?” She mouthed.

“We have to get out of here.”

Crouched low, he took her hand, together they crawled along next to the hedge. He looked over. His keen eyesight picked up nothing and no one. So why did the same excitement he used to get before a battle race through his veins? Stella squeezed his hand. Her wide eyes sent him a question he couldn’t answer.

He drew his gun from the small of his back and the silencer from his jacket pocket.

“Roman?” Her voice wavered.

He spared her a glance. “Whatever happens, do exactly as I say. Understand?”

Her head bobbed on her neck.

“Walk beside me, not in front or behind. Got it?”

Not far from the nearest road, they stuck to the trees and away from the open expanse of the Great Lawn.

Leaves crunched behind them. He’d never run from anything in his life. Even before the curse and his immortality, he stood his ground and killed everything in his path. Now, whatever stalked him, stalked her. His senses told him only one lurked in the darkness, but with Stella to protect, he couldn’t risk it.

The Delacorte amphitheater loomed ahead. He guided her into the shadows. Stationed behind a statue, he aimed and watched the route they had just taken. Stella clutched his jacket, her shivering body pressed close.

“Tell me.”

“There’s someone out there.”

“It could be anyone, ’kids maybe?”

“Maybe.” He agreed purely to reassure her. But as he spoke, one hundred yards away, something peeled away from the shadows of a large tree and charged.

“Stay.” He ordered. Through his jacket, her nails dug into his back. He pulled away, but she wouldn’t let go. He shrugged out of his jacket and advanced. She called to him, begging him to return, but the blood rushing in his ears drown out her voice. He rushed forward and focused on the attacking foe.

Wait. He skidded to a halt. He had a shot, but . . . something was wrong. The height was too short. Whoever ran toward him must be a child—or running on all fours. He squinted at the slice of darkness closing the distance between them. The tree coverage ended and speckled moonlight dotted the Great Lawn, uncovering the thing barreling forward. For a split second his mind tried to unravel the impossible nightmare quickly shrinking the distance, before he fired three shots between its widely spaced eyes. It roared and charged faster.

“Run, Stella!” He fired running back to the theater. She hadn’t listened. Instead of running away, she met him. He grabbed her hand and ran, but she couldn’t keep up and the thing behind them closed the distance.

“Is it him, The Strangler?” she shouted breathless.

They ran past The Preserve, rounded a column and then stopped. Shrouded in gloom, the outline of the pond appeared in front of the Belvedere Castle. He didn’t want her to see what chased them, but before he could stop her, she turned. Her scream pierced the night. Yards away, a bellow replied. He jerked her around and shoved. She stumbled and fell into the water.

“Go!” This time, she didn’t fight. For a second, he watched her swim. Then turned in time for claws to dig into his side.

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Six Sentence Sunday October 14, 2012

This is a snippet from Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity.

Alexis brushed some wayward strands of hair away from Reign’s face and his drowsy eyes opened. A tired smile crossed his lips and she leaned in. She wanted to taste him, that’s all. One kiss to settle the heat stirring in her blood.

Centimeter away from his lips, she paused . . . then drew away.

There’s a reason you’re celibate, Alexis. 


I hoped you enjoyed it. Stop by Six Sentence Sunday for more snippets from great authors. 

Sweet Saturday Sample October 13, 2012

This is a sample from Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity. 

“What to feed a god?” Alexis mumbled. When the waitress came she ordered two tall stacks of pancake and two steak and eggs combo platters. She added a pot of coffee and a carafe of O.J. The waitress gave her a crazed look. “I’m expecting someone.”

She flipped through the newspaper, pretending to read, but she couldn’t concentrate. Not when she could feel him sitting opposite her.

The food arrived and filled every square inch of the table.

“Anything else?” The waitress asked.

She shook her head and waited for the woman to walk away. A quick scan of the room confirmed no one watched him. Alexis glanced at the empty chair opposite her. “I know you’re here. Can you appear, please.”

One second the chair was empty, the next Reign’s body filled her view. His placid face gave nothing away.

“I figured you were hungry by now.” She picked up her fork and started to eat.

“I do not feel hunger when I am faded, however, I thank you.” He studied everything in front of him.

“There’s no special way to eat it. Just pick up your fork and start.”

Like a parent forcing a picky child to sample all the food on their plate, she watched as he tried everything and found it all to his liking. When he looked up with a smile on his face, her heart lurched.

“My apologies for my behavior earlier. There was no reason to treat you such.”

“Then why did you?” She fixed both of them a cup of coffee and mixed in a liberal amount of amaretto creamer.

“The Vanquished—”

“No. Don’t blame your behavior on your ghosts. You did it, not them.”

Alexis swore his eyes flashed neon blue before he closed them. A muscle in his jaw flexed angrily, while his hands curled into meaty fists on the table.

She reached across and stroked the back of his hand until he opened. Then slid the coffee cup into his palm. “Drink.” She ordered staring into his now clear eyes.

Reign studied the milky confection with suspicion.

“It’s not poison.” Alexis raised her mug and took a mouthful. He copied her and though he didn’t smile, his scowl softened.

“It will grow on you.” The food arrived, along with toast, bacon and a caddy of jam. Reign’s ravenous expression halted her from digging in.  “When was the last time you had a meal?”

“Two thousand years ago.”


Reign picked up his knife and fork. He watched her, then mimicked her table manners. So much for teaching the barbarian how to eat.

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