Sweet Saturday Sample October 13, 2012

This is a sample from Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity. 

“What to feed a god?” Alexis mumbled. When the waitress came she ordered two tall stacks of pancake and two steak and eggs combo platters. She added a pot of coffee and a carafe of O.J. The waitress gave her a crazed look. “I’m expecting someone.”

She flipped through the newspaper, pretending to read, but she couldn’t concentrate. Not when she could feel him sitting opposite her.

The food arrived and filled every square inch of the table.

“Anything else?” The waitress asked.

She shook her head and waited for the woman to walk away. A quick scan of the room confirmed no one watched him. Alexis glanced at the empty chair opposite her. “I know you’re here. Can you appear, please.”

One second the chair was empty, the next Reign’s body filled her view. His placid face gave nothing away.

“I figured you were hungry by now.” She picked up her fork and started to eat.

“I do not feel hunger when I am faded, however, I thank you.” He studied everything in front of him.

“There’s no special way to eat it. Just pick up your fork and start.”

Like a parent forcing a picky child to sample all the food on their plate, she watched as he tried everything and found it all to his liking. When he looked up with a smile on his face, her heart lurched.

“My apologies for my behavior earlier. There was no reason to treat you such.”

“Then why did you?” She fixed both of them a cup of coffee and mixed in a liberal amount of amaretto creamer.

“The Vanquished—”

“No. Don’t blame your behavior on your ghosts. You did it, not them.”

Alexis swore his eyes flashed neon blue before he closed them. A muscle in his jaw flexed angrily, while his hands curled into meaty fists on the table.

She reached across and stroked the back of his hand until he opened. Then slid the coffee cup into his palm. “Drink.” She ordered staring into his now clear eyes.

Reign studied the milky confection with suspicion.

“It’s not poison.” Alexis raised her mug and took a mouthful. He copied her and though he didn’t smile, his scowl softened.

“It will grow on you.” The food arrived, along with toast, bacon and a caddy of jam. Reign’s ravenous expression halted her from digging in.  “When was the last time you had a meal?”

“Two thousand years ago.”


Reign picked up his knife and fork. He watched her, then mimicked her table manners. So much for teaching the barbarian how to eat.

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