Masters of Purgatory



Eden Brooks isn’t special.

She’s just a girl working the late shift, trying to make ends meet when she’s attacked and left for dead. Except… she didn’t die. She healed. It’s a miracle! Or is it?

Hours later, a demon is in her living room and an angel is on her doorstep. Is this The Matrix? Did someone slip her the red pill? Nothing makes sense. Not them telling her she’s one of the chosen. Not a horde of Demons determined to drain her blood. Not the lust she feels for her immortal protectors.

She should run because she’s better off on her own. Or should she stay and put her faith in an angel who hates humans and a demon who has shown her heaven?

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To survive, would you have sex with the man who killed you?

Technically, Seren is an angel — the most stunning being Eden had ever seen in her life — definitely not a man. Technically, he was sent to protect her, not kill her, but oops! Talk about mistaken identity. And, technically, she didn’t die. She came back, not as a brain-eating zombie, but as a demon-hunting, angel-evading weapon.

Oh, we forgot to mention Agone. Seven feet, ripped, sexy as fuck demon who has killed for her.

To save the world — or just heaven and hell — Seren and Agone have to bond with her. Yeah, it sounds like an excuse to get her flat on her back and her legs in the air. Which she already happened with Agone.

Eden never asked for any of it. Now, she’s supposed to forgive, forget, and get with the program. Her libido says, “Yeah, let’s hop right to it.” The rest of her throws a red flag on the field.

Too many supernatural beings want her dead to trust any of them all because she was infected with the grace of a seraph and the ichor of a Prince of Hell. Her blood is special and they all want it.

Well, they can’t have it or her. She’ll do whatever she has to, even if it means killing the angel and demon she’s foolish enough to love.

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