“How is it you’re not trapped in Hell?” 

He leaned back all relaxed, looking like a snack. His shirt stretched over hard pecks and an eight pack. Eight packs didn’t exist, in humans. 

“When it comes to demons, I’m top-level, love. I come and go as I please.” 

“Even in the daylight?”

His mouth thinned. “I admit I am not at my best when the sun is high. But I am still deadly.” 

Yes, he certainly was deadly, to her legs remaining closed. “Is this the real you? Or is the red guy who you truly are?”

The grin vanished from his face and he leaned forward. His gaze shifted from her to the food court as his fingers tapped out a tune she didn’t recognize. “Don’t believe I can be both?”

A fair enough question since everyone had a light and dark side. “I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. Novice here, remember?” 

He sat back in his chair and damn if she didn’t want to crawl over the surface of the table and take up residence in his lap. Straddle him. Ride him. “The real me is red and horned, with a tail, wings, and scales.” His monotone gave nothing away. However, a hint of red tainted his irises. No. Not tainted. That word made him seem infected, and he wasn’t. Being a demon wasn’t a disease. It was who he was, and he had been nothing except nice to her. The angel had been an arrogant ass. Good demon. Bad angel. Up was down. Right was left. 

“Cool. The red you… is sexy.” She smiled at the surprise on his face. Who knew demons had self-esteem issues? Oh no! His eyes went full red. That happened when he was about to turn. “I’m sorry. You’re not sexy,” she whispered, frantic to not have a demon appear in the mall. 

His brow furrowed, and his already deep-set eyes took on a menacing edge. “Sexy one minute. Not sexy the next. You can’t take it back,” he growled low. 

She leaned in and whispered furiously, “You can’t go red hulk in a public place.” 

He threw back his head and laughed, a rich baritone sound that seeped into her bones and drew the attention of everyone with an ovary. “Only one part of me is in danger of going red hulk, sweetheart.”

Eden hadn’t blushed in years, didn’t think she could anymore. Her flaming cheeks told a different story. “TMI, and not my problem.” She went back to her books and her highlighter. “Though I do suggest you put on some shades until you get your condition under control.”

Out of thin air, a pair of aviator shades wrapped around his face, making him sexier. Damn! I will not hyperventilate. Will. Not. “You do know there are people around you with eyes that can see you create things that weren’t there before?”

 “Humans see what I want them to see.”

“Oh, really?” She glanced around, and yep, women still gawked at him. “So you want women to drool all over you? That’s why you’re here, looking like a T-bone steak in front of a ravenous crowd.” Damn it! Her stomach growled. Did he hear it? Please tell me he didn’t hear it.

Agone planted his elbow on the table and leaned in, all playfulness gone from his face. “I’m here for one reason. And I’m looking at her.”



Eden Brooks isn’t special.

She’s just a girl working the late shift, trying to make ends meet when she’s attacked and left for dead. Except… she didn’t die. She healed. It’s a miracle! Or is it?

Hours later, a demon is in her living room and an angel is on her doorstep. Is this The Matrix? Did someone slip her the red pill? Nothing makes sense. Not them telling her she’s one of the chosen. Not a horde of Demons determined to drain her blood. Not the lust she feels for her immortal protectors.

She should run because she’s better off on her own. Or should she stay and put her faith in an angel who hates humans and a demon who has shown her heaven?


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