The 4th book in the Plain Jane Series. 

The last thing Jentry Playne needs in her life is a man. Any man, particularly a rich, bossy, criminal mastermind who runs New York City. A sick twist of fate throws her in his path, and nothing she does lessens the impact on her psyche and the ensuing wreckage in her life. Is she interested? No…Yes! Even though the man is dangerously sexy, she can’t succumb to the temptation. She’s bitter and hostile and does a piss poor job at hiding it. Left alone to pay her bills and raise her daughter in peace, that’s all she wants. And no one will tell her what she can and cannot do. Not her family and not the man she should fear instead of desire.

Harden Gage is in the crosshairs of the Russian mob, not that he gives a damn. As the bastard head of the Syndicate, he’ll kill anything that gets in his way and keeps him from what he’s owed, which is everything. He wants it all, and that includes Jentry Playne. The cousin of his best friend’s fiancée, she’s off-limits. He promised to protect her, and that’s precisely what he’ll do, protect her from the Russian oligarch willing to kill to reclaim the territory he lost and anything else that wants to hurt her. That doesn’t mean he will protect her from himself. Because in love and war, it’s all fair game.

And Harden plays to win!


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