Asleep one second. Wide awake the next. A few blinks cleared the cobwebs, helping Jane absorb the strange bedroom surrounding her. Memories of the night and the lingering ache between her thighs ended the temporary confusion. 

Oh damn! Oh damn, damn! She really had fucked a complete stranger. Had a one-night stand with an absolute stranger. So what if Jentry knew him and he’d been sent by her mob boss to protect Jane. And worse, she was still in the man’s house. Ten o’clock in the morning. Guess that was a good time for the walk of shame. 

A warm, hard body pressed against her back. When had they transitioned from the living room sofa to a king-size bed? That memory eluded her. Was the sex that good she passed out?

Apparently, yes, it was. 

No way around this awkward moment, Jane shoved the comforter away. Goose bumps flashed over her skin at the first touch of the cooler air. The urge to climb back into the warm cocoon created by their combined heat overwhelmed her. Instead, she peered over her shoulder at the man still asleep. With a bit of sunlight streaking through the blinds, she studied his relaxed features. Unconscious, the hard edges were gone. He almost looked like a teen, his face retaining a youthful radiance. From the neck down, his body was lean with cut muscles, defined and covered with skin lightly dusted with hair from his chest to his groin. She liked her men clean-shaven—face and body. On Nick, the light beard and chest hair were sexy as hell. 

Easing out of the bed, she tiptoed around the room, searching for her underwear and dress. The living room! They had started in the kitchen with Nick eating her like she was a buffet dinner. Then, they’d ended up in the living room on the couch with him balls deep. That’s where they had started this bad idea. She had to get out of there and take the entire shameful episode with her to bury in a lead-lined box.

Luckily, the bedroom door was ajar, giving her a peak at the landing and staircase on the other side. A convenient fur throw waited on a settee in the seating area. Wrapping it around her, she gave Nick a last glance, then crept out of the room. Down two flights of stairs she went, her feet softly slapping, until she reached the ground floor between the living room and dining room. 

She found her dress in a heap between the coffee table and the sofa. The remains of her panties rested on the hardwood floor next to the breakfast bar. 

“Classy, Jane.” Only after she’d snatched the articles of clothing off the floor did she remember how he’d ripped them from her body. 

She was naked in the house of a man she’d met hours ago with no clothing to spare. 

What. The. Hell.

A ding spun her around to find a hidden elevator opening and Nick yanking on a sweater. He saw her standing there with a deer in the headlights pose, and said nothing as he covered that gorgeous body, a body she’d touched, licked. 

His gaze critical, mirrored the first time she’d laid eyes on him in the parking garage, he judged her standing there in nothing but a fur throw. Yet, said nothing as he closed the distance between them. 

“I’m…” The word “sorry” balanced on the tip of her tongue. Why? When she had nothing to be sorry for, which didn’t stop the guilt for leaving his bed, for trying to escape without a goodbye. 

He swept past her to stroll to the front door. She froze, couldn’t move as he opened the inner door to the vestibule. What the hell? Was he about to kick her out naked? She retreated. One step, then two more. She would’ve kept going all the way to the kitchen, but the dining table halted her. 

He can’t do this to me. I won’t let him. I w-won’t. 



The 6th book in the Plain Jane Series. 







Jane Playne is a good girl. She has done everything right her entire life… until Nicholas Wright steals her away. He’s a bad boy. A killer. Yet he saved her, protected her, and turned her inside out.

Nicholas Wright has one mission; keep those he loves safe. The only way he can do that with Jane is to keep her close even though that places in her danger. He should send her away, yet can’t. She calms him, keeps him sane, and each night in between her thighs is a night spent in heaven.

Jane’s one-night stand has turned into nights of passion in the arms of a man she shouldn’t want. Now Jane is a good girl gone bad. She’s a woman on a mission to get what she wants. And what she wants, needs, is every glance, touch, and taste of Mr. Wright.

Nicholas has no idea how good of a bad girl Jane can be. He’ll soon learn what Jane wants, Jane gets.




Plain Jane Series

Plain Jane and the Hitman

Plain Jane and the Billionaire

Plain Jane and the Billionaire’s Seduction

Plain Jane and Mr. Wrong

Plain Jane and the Hitman’s Wedding

Plain Jane and Mr. Wright



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