Plain Jane

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A love story with a body count.

Trained by the best in the business, Emmet Streeter is nobody’s babysitter, until his mentor’s secret daughter needs a bodyguard. She’s everything he doesn’t want: mouthy, obstinate, temperamental, and untouchable. So why can’t he keep his hands off her?

The unwanted daughter of a hitman, Bailey Monroe has kept a low profile until Emmet barges into her life. He’s a killer sent to protect her from a killer. She’s intrigued instead of terrified by his cold eyes, hard face, and his deadly aim.

A carbon copy of the father she hates, she has every reason to fear Emmet, but desire grows in the strangest places under the strangest circumstances.

She shouldn’t trust him, shouldn’t sleep with him, and definitely shouldn’t follow him into the jaws of hell to save a father who never loved her.

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What do you get a man who has everything? A woman he can’t have.

Calista Coleman has a problem named Julius Morgan, the newest billionaire and most eligible bachelor in New York City. He’s condescending, egotistical, ridiculously handsome, and he needs her. She needs the paycheck he offers as his bodyguard. Not a problem as long as she sticks to her one rule: No screwing the client. Which shouldn’t be an issue since he’s not her type. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, but he’s arrogant and privileged. Two traits she can’t stomach. He’s also vulnerable and in danger. Two things she can’t walk away from even if it means she’ll break every rule to keep him safe. Even if it costs her everything, including her heart.

Julius Morgan has a problem and two bullet holes to prove it. The bullets were aimed at his best friend. Wrong place, right time because he met Calista Coleman. She changed his life the night she saved his life and became his bodyguard. He has a rule: No screwing the employees. Which shouldn’t be a problem since she’s not his type. He likes his women blonde, buxom, and with not much brains. Calista’s not blonde and she’s too smart for her own good. Suddenly, the rules no longer apply. He wants her and Julius Morgan always gets what he wants…regardless of the consequences that irrevocably change his life… forever.

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Who wants to fall in love with a billionaire? Not Calista Coleman.

Never trust a liar.
Never trust a cheater.
Unfortunately, Calista fell in love with both. What else could one expect from an asshole with nine zeros behind his name? Julius Morgan—playboy billionaire—stole her heart, but she stole it back. And no amount of flowers or apologies will fix it. Don’t say “I love you” then plant your lips on another woman.

He didn’t lie.
He didn’t cheat.
Unfortunately for Julius, Calista believes both. It’s easier for her to run away than deal with the burgeoning feelings between them. He’s a patient man, however. He didn’t accrue his fortune by making rash decisions. Wherever she runs, he will follow. But when his enemies become hers, they’ll have to set aside their differences and work together or risk losing everything and everyone they love.

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The last thing Jentry Playne needs in her life is a man. Any man, particularly a rich, bossy, criminal mastermind who runs New York City. A sick twist of fate throws her in his path, and nothing she does lessens the impact on her psyche and the ensuing wreckage in her life. Is she interested? No…Yes! Even though the man is dangerously sexy, she can’t succumb to the temptation. She’s bitter and hostile and does a piss poor job at hiding it. Left alone to pay her bills and raise her daughter in peace, that’s all she wants. And no one will tell her what she can and cannot do. Not her family and not the man she should fear instead of desire.

Harden Gage is in the crosshairs of the Russian mob, not that he gives a damn. As the bastard head of the Syndicate, he’ll kill anything that gets in his way and keeps him from what he’s owed, which is everything. He wants it all, and that includes Jentry Playne. The cousin of his best friend’s fiancée, she’s off-limits. He promised to protect her, and that’s precisely what he’ll do, protect her from the Russian oligarch willing to kill to reclaim the territory he lost and anything else that wants to hurt her. That doesn’t mean he will protect her from himself. Because in love and war, it’s all fair game.

And Harden plays to win!

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Bailey Monroe and Emmet Streeter request the pleasure of your company at their wedding. 

Bullets, blood, and mayhem may occur.-1

Attend at your own risk.

He picked the ring. She picked the location. He picked the date. She said yes to the dress.

And then he left.

Bailey knew who and what she planned on marrying. A hitman. A killer. He promised this was his last job. One more hit to protect a friend and he was done. Their life together would begin.

Well, Bailey’s not having it. Emmet trained her not only to take care of herself, but to bring the pain. She’ll be damned if she sits on the sidelines while he strolls into danger alone.

She’s no one’s flunky, and if that’s how Emmet thinks their marriage will be…

She’s going to find her man and drag him to the altar, and no one—not his billionaire or mob boss besties, or her sociopath of a father—is going to stop her.

Come hell or high water, she’ll get her happily ever after…or die trying.

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𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐉𝐚𝐧𝐞 & 𝐌𝐫. 𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭

𝟔𝐭𝐡 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐉𝐚𝐧𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬

𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 Dec 𝟗𝐭𝐡!


35868-1 (1)

Jane Playne is a good girl. She has done everything right her entire life… until Nicholas Wright steals her away. He’s a bad boy. A killer. Yet he saved her, protected her, and turned her inside out.

Now, Jane is a good girl gone bad. A woman on a mission to get what she wants. And what she wants is every glance, touch, and taste of Mr. Wright.

Nicholas has no idea how good of a bad girl Jane can be. He’ll soon learn what Jane wants, Jane gets.

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Standalone Novel


When Sabrina Wilkins’ violent ex is sent to solitary, she’s left to face the Black Dragons MC alone. They want back what he stole, plus interest. Too poor to run, the only choice she has is to hide in plain sight with her infant daughter and pray the enemy of her enemy will be her friend.

Liam never intended to follow in his father’s—President of the Mayhem MC—footsteps, until trouble comes looking for the dark-eyed beauty living in his rental property. Now to protect her and her daughter, the decorated war hero may have to sacrifice pride over honor and rejoin the Mayhem MC.

Caught between rival MCs, Liam and Sabrina must navigate their growing attraction on treacherous roads. She may trust Liam with her body, but can she trust him with her heart? Her life? And the life of her daughter? It’s too late to hide. The Black Dragons are on her doorstep. They’ll do anything to get what they want, even hurt an innocent child.

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