Keep with the wet and wild theme of the I’ve post a sexy shower scene from,

EVERLASTING, the second novel in my Descendants of Ra Egyptian God series.

Transfixed, Reign couldn’t take his gaze from her pert, coral tipped ample breasts which balanced above a narrow waist that flared to voluptuous hips and a fiery strip of hair shielding her core. Everywhere his gaze traveled, her curvaceous body took his control on a dangerous trip.

Water cascaded from an overhead spout, plastering her hair in coppery waves, and streaked down a body built for pleasure. She plucked a container off a shelf and poured a substance into her palms. Whimsical jasmine scented bubbles erupted wherever she touched. They glided down her breasts, playfully peek-a-booed with her rigid nipples, dipped into her bellybutton, curved over her hips, tangled in her nest, and finished the marathon by racing down her long, graceful legs. Gossamer suds clung to places he wanted to taste and touch, linger over, revere.

She lathered her rear, cupped and caressed her flesh.  Foam cloaked her, then sluiced off leaving behind perfect skin. He tried to close his eyes to keep from lunging forward and claiming what his body demanded, but he couldn’t deny himself this pleasure. He had to see.

Alexis stared at him. Beads of water clung to her lashes, making her eyes sparkle. He waited for her to order him away, something Nephythys would do. A sultry smile graced her pouty lips as she crooked a finger and ordered him near. Fully clothed, he stepped under the spray.

She giggled and laughed . . . at him. A tinkling sound filled with mirth that carved out a hollow space in his heart. He was about to escape as far away as the tether would allow when she plucked the soaked shirt from his chest and slipped her hand beneath. His skin sizzled where she caressed. Her other hand skimmed down to his crotch.

His world shifted from a dismal abyss to a carnival filled with carnal delights all centered on one woman.

“I want you naked. Now,” she demanded.

His throat dried and the barrier keeping her hand from his hard cock vanished. Her soft palm gripped him hard. Her thumb slid over the tip and spread his juices. Slack-jawed, the back of his head slammed into the wall. Ripples of pent-up passion spread from his cock outward to every part of his being. She cupped his tight balls. His breath became ragged, whizzing through his lungs, whistling through his clenched teeth. She stroked him; up, down, around. Pumping with a steady rhythm until thought ceased and his hips took over.

She stopped, though her hand still fisted around the base of his shaft. He throbbed.

Do not cease!

She stepped away leaving him bobbing in the air and desperate for her touch. Water dripped from the tip of her nose to her cleavage and trailed down her abdomen.

“Turn around.” She ordered.

As he turned, she squeezed a handful of thick liquid into her palm from the same container. Jasmine and honey filled the air and he recognized it as the unique smell he always associated with her.

“Arms up and on the wall . . . please.”

Curiosity aroused as much as his body, he leaned forward and complied. Soapy hands shocked his nerve endings as she glided up the center of his back, over his shoulders and up his arms as far as her hands could reach, then scratched her way back down. A groan rumbled from his throat and he arched into the sensation.

“You like?” Her breath fanned his skin.

“Yes.” He panted.

Alexis soaped his buttocks. She slipped a hand between his legs and stroked from his thigh to his ankle, switched to his other leg and slid back up.


Never had a woman touched him so boldly.

“Now for your front.” She stepped back as he turned. Her gaze traveled over his body. Heat ignited in her eyes.  “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

Reign couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. He’d been called many things in his long life, but beautiful wasn’t on the list. For the first time, he was afraid. A woman had brought him low before, he couldn’t chance it, not again.

Fingers roamed his chest, teased his nipples, and eased down his abs. She took his hand and pulled him beneath the spray. On tip-toes, she leaned into him, her nipples pressed into him while her breast pillowed against his chest. Millimeters away from his lips, her tongue flicked out and licked his bottom lip.

“What are you waiting for?” Her belly brushed his arousal.

“You tease.” He didn’t recognize the strained voice that exited his mouth.

“Never about this.”

“You dangle what I want only to snatch it away the moment I reach for it.”

She grabbed his hands and forced him to her breasts. Her nipples pressed into his palms. Every muscle in him turned rigid. He crushed his lips to hers. She slid her hand up the back of his neck, slanted her lips across his, and drew his tongue into her mouth. Lost in the feel of her lush body and heady scent he wanted to lose himself in all she had to offer.

Reign yanked away. Rational thought was moments away from crumbling. “You don’t want this.”

“I do. I want you.”

Her slippery body drove him insane. And he adored it, loved that she made him want to commit a crime just to be near her, never wanted it to end.

Damnation. “. . . I won’t be gentle. I can’t. Not this time.” He hated that his voice trembled along with his body.

“I’m a big girl. I can handle you.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday Cinco De Mayo! Villains Need Love Too.

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I’m continuing with the scene from last week.  Everlasting, is the second novel in my Egyptian God series.



SET, The God of All Evil, needs love and affection, just like a regular guy.

SET drew his expanded self together and calmed, reined in his darkness. Once composed, a tendril wrapped around her waist and dragged her limp body to the edge. He transformed from his preferred state to a more solid form, his dark swirling essences, momentarily trapped beneath a barrier of thin, translucent skin. He could be any-thing, male, female, or animal, but he made himself into a form he knew she would desire; a tall, muscular male. He looked down and studied his member jutting proudly forward. Cylindrical, the appendage had none of the features that completed the male anatomy. No sacs containing DNA, no veiny sinews, and no bulbous head with a slit opening.

Not his favorite form, he tolerated it for Nephythys. His gaseous state was much more functional. The boundaries of flesh disturbed him. Limited him. Made him vulnerable to all the vagaries humans suffered. Never would he bind himself into human form. She would have to accept this substitute.

SET spread her legs apart and studied her opening. Dry, no moisture wept for him. In his gaseous form, her arousal didn’t matter. He could penetrate every part of her body, simultaneously filling, repeatedly until all his frustrations were excised.  He touched the jutting part of him to her opening and felt her shriveled membranes brace. This will hurt, he thought with a cruel grin. His essences pulsed beneath the translucent skin, taking pleasure at the thought of her pain. But physical pain healed while a wounded heart festered.

Somewhere on the island, her spirit waited for his departure and the ritual cleansing to be completed. Once the Nulls removed all evidence of his presence, only then would she rejoin her body. Nothing of his visit would remain. Angry, he thrust inside and buried as deep as the appendage allowed. Something pricked his eyes, and a bead of moisture rolled down the slope of his face. He touched the strangeness, smoothed it between his fingers.

Tears. He jerked away from his wife and reverted to his gaseous state. This is why he never took the disgusting form. Quivering in annoyance—or maybe fright—he fled the destroyed room and ended up in the alcove.

Thank Ra she wasn’t here to witness the display. It would give her pleasure to see him so weak. Her laughter would ring in the council chamber. The God of Evil would not suffer humiliation. Agitated, he swirled about the room, brushing every surface, filling every microscopic crevice. He brushed something. The remnants of man.

I hope you enjoyed it.