“She had to have him, no matter the cost.”

Here is a sexy snippet from Everlasting, the 2nd novel in my Descendants of Ra series. Meet Reign Nicolis, former sex slave to an Egyptian Goddess, and Detective Alexis Lever.


He claimed her lips with a scorching kiss. Raw and hungry, her head reeled. A hand cupped her head. Another gripped her hip and gave a gentle tug. She didn’t fight him guiding her closer or the desire he ignited in her blood. His knee slipped between her thighs and he lifted her until she hooked a leg around his waist. Chest to breast, abs to abs, groin pressed against groin, she felt him lengthen. Her core blossomed. Alexis moaned and his tongue slid into her mouth. He tasted like Sunday dinner at grandma’s, Christmas morning, and Midnight on New Year’s Eve, while his body promised Disney World. His biceps flexed as his hand slid under her shirt and stroked up her back.

She moved her hand up his chest, feeling the cotton fabric, the tense muscles beneath, and the thud of his racing heartbeat. Then her fingertips brushed the bare skin of his neck.

A bundle of conflicting emotions slammed into her. Passion warred with frustration and a simmering rage. Terror and loneliness mixed with a profound hunger and a darkness no sun could penetrate. Betrayal had tainted his memories, leaving an anger that stretched centuries. All of this was woven together by bitter regret.

Questions cleared the lust from her mind. She tore her lips away, aching from pain belonging to Reign. Briefly, his hands tightened on her body. His head dropped into the crook of her neck before she could search his face for answers. Warm breath fanned her collar. She bit her lip to keep from protesting when his hands dropped to her hips and he set her on her feet.

Alexis darted up the stairs to the safety of her grandmother’s bedroom. She stripped off her jacket and refused to think about the man camping in her living room. Yeah, right. As if she could order herself not to still taste him on her lips, remember his hands on her body and his tongue stroking her mouth.

How could she feel him, know his intimate thoughts? The good and the f’d up ones. There were a lot of f’d up ones. So many, he was a toxic stew, churning endlessly until he almost dragged her under.

Alexis gritted her teeth. She didn’t have time to decipher The Reign Riddle when Egyptian Gods roamed New York, resurrecting bodies, and wild animals were running loose. If she read it in a novel, she would’ve pitched it into the nearest incinerator.

But those things needed to die.








Kill the beast.

Save your brother.cropped-mediumeverlasting.jpg

Win your freedom.

No problem.

Falling in love with the cop trying to arrest you?


To save his twin from death, Reign Nicolis will have to bargain with Goddess of the Dead, and once more become what he despises, El Mortem, The Scourge, a killer trained to show mercy to none. But he is haunted by those who have fallen beneath his blade. Their ghostly shapes dog his footsteps, relentless in their torture to make him suffer for what he was put on this earth to do two thousand years ago. Saving his twin ensures Reign’s enslavement to the Goddess. She may own his body, but never his heart.

Detective Alexis Lever’s career is in shambles. Her only chance at redemption is to discover what happened to the body of Daniel Nicolis. To do that she’ll have to thwart two men: Reign Nicolis and Roman Nicolis. Both belong in jail. But one has stolen her heart.


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TIme for another sexy snippet of Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

“Now is your chance to tell me to stop. Your only chance, because I’m going to have all of you.”
Her pupils dilated, lips parted. Her breast rose on a long inhale. “And what about me?” Breathy, her voice stoked his fires.
“You…” God she was lovely. He gripped her coat. Gentle pressure on her thighs from his hips and they parted for him to shift between. His new home. He clasped her hips and slid her core against the bulge straining against his zipper. “Get me, kissing you, touching you, loving you.”
He whispered the words into her mouth and had planned to give her another moment to decide, but she hauled him closer. Her lips were soft and winter kissed cool. He kept still and let her have her way even when her hands crept beneath his jacket and shoved it off his shoulders. Her tongue made its way down his neck, mixed with flicks from her tongue. Warm tongue, cool lips, a hot hand eased passed his belt and cupped him. He groaned and pressed his bulge into her hand. Her mouth returned to his in a frantic kiss that spoke of her desire.
He broke the kiss and studied her through passion-drunk eyes. “Last chance, Candy Cane. Tell me what you want. Say it. Wanna hear it from your own lips.”
As she did in the shower, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and freed him. From base to tip, she stroked him with a firm grip that left him gasping. EJ gritted his teeth to keep from exploding. Then trailed her fingers away.
Forehead pressed to his, her eyes bore into his. “I want you to strip… slowly, so I can enjoy the show.”
No one had ever requested that. It gave him a thrill that she had. “Do that? Yes I can.”
EJ secured his pants on his hips and stood. Ridley didn’t move from her semi-sprawled position. Lust rode him hard as he took her creamy thighs, red boots and –Surprise! Surprise!—red panties playing peek-a-boo. He couldn’t help grinning as he caught the edge of his shirt and lifted. She hissed and her eyes widened. He adored the need drawing her face tight, made him feel…
Shit. It made him feel the last thing he expected. He… Nah… he couldn’t possibly be in love. It took more time than a month and a half to fall in love. He paused, suddenly uncertain.
“What’s wrong?” The need faded from Ridley’s face, replaced with a wary unease. She closed her legs and seemed to lock herself down.
“Umm… nothing.”
Her eyes narrowed. She didn’t buy. Neither would he.
“I’ve never stripped for a woman.”
Her eyebrows furrowed, her head tilted, she blinked a few times. “Come again?”
“Oh, I plan on cuming again. And again. And again.”


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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Romance Reads Party

sizzling romance

Welcome to your next stop on the Sizzling Summer Reads Party tour! Hi, I’m Tmonique Stephens and I’m showcasing the first novel in my Descendants of Ra series, Eternity. If you’re into vengeful gods and the hot descendants, then this is the read for you!

Eternity-Final242 (3) (480x640) (225x300)

Cursed for 2000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is his only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover . . . until now.

A late night walk home throws Stella Walker into the path of a killer. The last thing she remembers are the deep blue eyes of the man trying to kill her—and the first things she sees after a seven day coma are the same blue eyes in the handsome face of the man hired to protect her. Is he truly the owner of a security firm or the man who wants to finish her off? Is it fears she feels when Roman touches her or the memory of something sweeter?

Past secrets haunt them. An angry demon stalks them. 

Roman will do anything to recover what they once had. Though Stella’s ruined childhood has made her close her heart and body to any man, he must get past the walls around her to gain her love and trust, for it will take their union to defeat an unexpected enemy sent from the Egyptian Gods. A man Romans respects, and Stella trusts.


Curled on his body in the middle of Central Park, Roman let Stella sleep. Holding her wasn’t a hardship as his mind wandered to the future, their future. Foolhardy, definitely, but what else could he do when he held the object of his obsession in his arms?

Remember your promise and let her go.

He stroked a wayward lock of hair behind her ear and slid his fingers down her silky cheek. She nuzzled him, turned her face into his palm and kissed him. Every noble intention evaporated like a bead of sizzling water in a hot skillet. Cock rock hard, he had to kiss her, feel her breath on his skin, in his body. In the deserted park, he needed her now.

The fine hairs on the back of his neck bristled. He froze. Battle instincts surged to the forefront, screaming for action, instead, he listened to the night surrounding him and waited. Though not a hub of wildlife, the creatures of Central Park were silent. They also waited. Somewhere, nearby, a predator stalked.

He nudged Stella. She stretched, making him aware of every curve and hollow she possessed, and purred, a sexy rumble deep in her throat. Before she could say a word, he cupped her head and pulled her into a quick kiss.

“Shhh, we’re in danger,” he whispered against her lips.

Her head popped up and she eased off him. In the gloom, her frightened eyes met his. “What?” She mouthed.

“We have to get out of here.”

Crouched low, he took her hand, together they crawled along next to the hedge. He looked over. His keen eyesight picked up nothing and no one. So why did the same excitement he used to get before a battle race through his veins? Stella squeezed his hand. Her wide eyes sent him a question he couldn’t answer.

He drew his gun from the small of his back and the silencer from his jacket pocket.

“Roman?” Her voice wavered.

He spared her a glance. “Whatever happens, do exactly as I say. Understand?”

Her head bobbed on her neck.

“Walk beside me, not in front or behind. Got it?”

Not far from the nearest road, they stuck to the trees and away from the open expanse of the Great Lawn.

Leaves crunched behind them. He’d never run from anything in his life. Even before the curse and his immortality, he stood his ground and killed everything in his path. Now, whatever stalked him, stalked her. His senses told him only one lurked in the darkness, but with Stella to protect, he couldn’t risk it.

The Delacorte amphitheater loomed ahead. He guided her into the shadows. Stationed behind a statue, he aimed and watched the route they had just taken. Stella clutched his jacket, her shivering body pressed close.

“Tell me.”

“There’s someone out there.”

“It could be anyone, ’kids maybe?”

“Maybe.” He agreed purely to reassure her. But as he spoke, one hundred yards away, something peeled away from the shadows of a large tree and charged.

“Stay.” He ordered. Through his jacket, her nails dug into his back. He pulled away, but she wouldn’t let go. He shrugged out of his jacket and advanced. She called to him, begging him to return, but the blood rushing in his ears drown out her voice. He rushed forward and focused on the attacking foe.

Wait. He skidded to a halt. He had a shot, but . . . something was wrong. The height was too short. Whoever ran toward him must be a child—or running on all fours. He squinted at the slice of darkness closing the distance between them. The tree coverage ended and speckled moonlight dotted the Great Lawn, uncovering the thing barreling forward. For a split second his mind tried to unravel the impossible nightmare quickly shrinking the distance, before he fired three shots between its widely spaced eyes. It roared and charged faster.

“Run, Stella!” He fired running back to the theater. She hadn’t listened. Instead of running away, she met him. He grabbed her hand and ran, but she couldn’t keep up and the thing behind them closed the distance.

“Is it him, The Strangler?” she shouted breathless.

They ran past The Preserve, rounded a column and then stopped. Shrouded in gloom, the outline of the pond appeared in front of the Belvedere Castle. He didn’t want her to see what chased them, but before he could stop her, she turned. Her scream pierced the night. Yards away, a bellow replied. He jerked her around and shoved. She stumbled and fell into the water.

“Go!” This time, she didn’t fight. For a second, he watched her swim. Then turned in time for claws to dig into his side.


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I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, but I’m back with a hot excerpt from the first novel in the Descendants of Ra series, Eternity. Stella wants Roman, but can she handle what he really is? Or is the truth too much to handle?

“Look at me, Stella. Take a close look, at, me.” Arms outstretched, the tattered remains of his shirt flapped in the wind. In the dim lighting healed skin flirted with her senses.

“But—” she saw him. When he ran out of the trees and onto the asphalt road, the street lights clearly showed his ragged chest. And blood, his blood soaked his shirt and pants was still there on his clothing, dry and crusty. And his back—she walked around him—the cuts were so deep that tissue and muscles surged through the wounds.

He ripped his destroyed shirt from his body. Though blood streaked his skin, he was healed. Completely. Light-headed, she swayed. Roman caught her, but she pushed way and used the steady brick building for support.

He reached for her again.

“Don’t.” Her voice stopped him a few feet from her.

“We don’t have time for this.” He scanned the area around them.

“Make. Time.”

“Oh, now you don’t trust me? Don’t you think it’s a little late?” he scolded.

“Better late—”

“Are you sorry? Sorry that I save your life, again. Sorry that I held you, kissed you, made you come?” He glowered and crowded her with his big body.

The crack of her hand connecting with his cheek drowned out the sound of speeding cars.  Roman didn’t budge, not one single muscle. She met the heat of his gaze with her own scorching glare.  Toe to toe, she waged war with her terror at whatever was out there hunting them, fear of how he could possibly heal so quickly, and lust so consuming her clothes were nothing more than a reminder that she should be naked and beneath him.

Lightning exploded in her head. She was afraid, but not of him. Even faced with everything she knew and the enormity of what she didn’t know, she wasn’t afraid of Roman and she wanted him. More than anything in this world, she wanted Roman Nicolis.

A police serene warbled in the distance.

“Get on the damn bike.”

His huge outline and part of his face was all was cast in the shadows, reminding her of The Strangler. She swallowed the lump in her dry throat. “You first.”

His gaze never left hers while he stuffed the shirt in a saddlebag and settled on the bike. Four short steps brought her to his sided.  She swung her leg over and settled behind him. A perfectly healed bare back stared at her. Tempted her. Teased and confounded her logical higher reasoning.

What the hell are you?




Cursed for 2000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is his only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover . . . until now.

A late night walk home throws Stella Walker into the path of a killer. The last thing she remembers are the deep blue eyes of the man trying to kill her—and the first things she sees after a seven day coma are the same blue eyes in the handsome face of the man hired to protect her. Is he truly the owner of a security firm or the man who wants to finish her off? Is it fears she feels when Roman touches her or the memory of something sweeter?

Past secrets haunt them. An angry demon stalks them. 

Roman will do anything to recover what they once had. Though Stella’s ruined childhood has made her close her heart and body to any man, he must get past the walls around her to gain her love and trust, for it will take their union to defeat an unexpected enemy sent from the Egyptian Gods. A man Romans respects, and Stella trusts.






Happy New Year Teasers! 2015 is going to be great. I’m still sharing excerpts of EVERMORE Descendants of Ra Book 3. And my fingers are busy working on ENCORE book 4 of the series.

This excerpt continues where the last one left off…in the bedroom.

Emeline touched his injured shoulder. His muscles spasmed under her fingers. He groaned, a deep throaty sound. Pulled flush against him, he held her close with one hand splayed on her lower back and the other on her neck. His head dropped to her collarbone, then he licked a trail up to her earlobe and sucked. “Don’t. Stop. Touching,” he growled and the sound reverberated within her.

She couldn’t even if she wanted to. Somehow, some way, she had slipped into his mind. Tumbled down the rabbit hole into a tornado of desire and lust, so violent they snatched her up and carried her away. She was lost in a maelstrom and as her core stretched, begging to be filled, and she did not care.

His mouth bruised her lips with the ferocity of his kiss. Tongue, lips, and teeth assaulted her body until nothing mattered except the ecstasy in his arms.

Through the connection of her palm to his scar, she recognized his hunger because it mimicked her own desires. A moan slipped from her, completely lost in the rampant sensation dragging her willingly toward rapture.

She arched, scored his chest with her rigid nipples, and reached for the towel wedged between them.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair, stalling her intention. Breathing ceased to matter as their tongues glided against each other in a sensual duel neither wanted to win. She slid her hand along the rough skin on his arm. Avery dropped back, propping himself up on his elbows. He groaned again, a deep rumbling sound that egged her on. She dipped her head and laved each of his flat nipples, then scraped her short nails along the ridges of his perfect abs.

He palmed her ass and lifted her off his lap. “Yes. Or no. Tell me now.” Desire slurred his words.

Emeline pointed to the nightstand where she found a box of condoms during her snoop session. She didn’t have to explain. With one arm holding her tight to him, he yanked open the top drawer, sending the contents spilling to the carpet.

She giggled and burst into laughter at his scowl. “I’ll get one.” She scooted back and turned onto her hands and knees, giving him a bird’s eye view of her best asset. He grabbed his shirt and ripped. The two halves fell away from her body. His rough hands traced the curves of her back and the globes of her rear as she searched for a foil packet. A purr rumbled deep in her throat, enjoying the intimate caress. His soft kiss on her flesh had her gasping and leaning back for more of his wicked tongue. It’s not often you find a man willing to literally kiss your ass and she relished every delicious second of his lips and tongue.




There is no such thing as a chance meeting.

There’s no room in Avery Nicolis’s life for an obsession, yet why else does he stalk Emeline Gamble. Lurking in the shadows, he hungers for a woman he can’t have. Between the secrets he guards and anarchy roiling in his soul, his only solace are his glimpses of Emeline. He will resist her, protect her from himself, and deny his desire to claim her heart.

Emeline Gamble was a Watcher for the Order—a secret society of women charged with monitoring the offspring of the gods. For months, she observed Avery Nicolis, an elite mercenary, Descendant of Ra, and enemy of the Order. Never knowing he had her in his crosshairs.

Trapped in a lie, Emeline is forced to accept Avery as her bodyguard. Compelled to spend time with him, she learns to care for his tortured soul and see the hero lurking beneath the assassin’s façade.

But every word out of her mouth is a lie. Every action a betrayal. Because to save her family she is forced to accept a new assignment, deliver Avery Nicolis to the Goddess of Chaos, alive…

And do not fall in love with him.

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My Sexy Saturday July 13, 2013

naked Man and woman in love are kissing in shower

Here is a steamy excerpt from my newest Egyptian God romance series,  Everlasting: Descendants of Ra book 2.

Release date July 15th.

Transfixed, Reign couldn’t take his gaze from her pert, coral-tipped ample breasts, which balanced above a narrow waist that flared to voluptuous hips and a fiery strip of hair shielding her core. Everywhere his gaze traveled, her curvaceous body took his control on a dangerous trip.

Water cascaded from an overhead spout, plastering her hair into coppery waves, and streaked down a body built for pleasure. She plucked a container off a shelf and poured a substance into her palms. Whimsical jasmine scented bubbles erupted wherever she touched. They glided down her breasts, playfully peek-a-booed with her rigid nipples, dipped into her belly button, curved over her hips, tangled in her nest, and finished the marathon by racing down her long, graceful legs. Gossamer suds clung to places he wanted to taste and touch, linger over, revere.

She lathered her rear, cupped, and caressed her flesh. Foam cloaked her, then sluiced off leaving behind perfect skin. He tried to close his eyes to keep from lunging forward and claiming what his body demanded, but he couldn’t deny himself this pleasure. He had to see.

Alexis stared at him. Beads of water clung to her lashes, making her eyes sparkle. He waited for her to order him away, something Nephythys would do. A sultry smile graced her pouty lips as she crooked a finger and ordered him near. Fully clothed, he stepped under the spray.

TmoniqueTradingCards_F1 (496x640)