TIme for another sexy snippet of Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

“Now is your chance to tell me to stop. Your only chance, because I’m going to have all of you.”
Her pupils dilated, lips parted. Her breast rose on a long inhale. “And what about me?” Breathy, her voice stoked his fires.
“You…” God she was lovely. He gripped her coat. Gentle pressure on her thighs from his hips and they parted for him to shift between. His new home. He clasped her hips and slid her core against the bulge straining against his zipper. “Get me, kissing you, touching you, loving you.”
He whispered the words into her mouth and had planned to give her another moment to decide, but she hauled him closer. Her lips were soft and winter kissed cool. He kept still and let her have her way even when her hands crept beneath his jacket and shoved it off his shoulders. Her tongue made its way down his neck, mixed with flicks from her tongue. Warm tongue, cool lips, a hot hand eased passed his belt and cupped him. He groaned and pressed his bulge into her hand. Her mouth returned to his in a frantic kiss that spoke of her desire.
He broke the kiss and studied her through passion-drunk eyes. “Last chance, Candy Cane. Tell me what you want. Say it. Wanna hear it from your own lips.”
As she did in the shower, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and freed him. From base to tip, she stroked him with a firm grip that left him gasping. EJ gritted his teeth to keep from exploding. Then trailed her fingers away.
Forehead pressed to his, her eyes bore into his. “I want you to strip… slowly, so I can enjoy the show.”
No one had ever requested that. It gave him a thrill that she had. “Do that? Yes I can.”
EJ secured his pants on his hips and stood. Ridley didn’t move from her semi-sprawled position. Lust rode him hard as he took her creamy thighs, red boots and –Surprise! Surprise!—red panties playing peek-a-boo. He couldn’t help grinning as he caught the edge of his shirt and lifted. She hissed and her eyes widened. He adored the need drawing her face tight, made him feel…
Shit. It made him feel the last thing he expected. He… Nah… he couldn’t possibly be in love. It took more time than a month and a half to fall in love. He paused, suddenly uncertain.
“What’s wrong?” The need faded from Ridley’s face, replaced with a wary unease. She closed her legs and seemed to lock herself down.
“Umm… nothing.”
Her eyes narrowed. She didn’t buy. Neither would he.
“I’ve never stripped for a woman.”
Her eyebrows furrowed, her head tilted, she blinked a few times. “Come again?”
“Oh, I plan on cuming again. And again. And again.”


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