Happy Holidays! Welcome to my Mid Week Tease.  Here is a sample of my latest manuscript Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4. A little setup: EJ Nicolis doesn’t have his free will. All he can do is listen to Ridley Cross, the woman who has kidnapped his body along with his heart, share thoughts she would never impart if she knew he understood every word. 

“I used to watch you. I mean, the Order assigned me as your Watcher.”

Now that piqued his interest. When and where? He wanted details.

Her hand lingered on his arm as she stared into his eyes. “You were in Brazil protecting a diplomat’s kid.”

He remembered that assignment. The teenage son had been a spoiled dick.

“You killed two men who had tried to kidnap him. Double tap between the eyes fifty yards away before they got the kid in a van. No fuss. No mess. Easy clean up.”

EJ remembered. Then he went after the guy who hired them. That had been messy. Took a few days for the bullet hole in his shoulder to heal. Took longer for his mother—AKA Avery—to stop chewing his ass off.

“The kid was a basket case, but the father couldn’t thank you enough. He gave you a pouch with loose uncut diamonds inside. You refused the gift. I always wondered why.”

How could she know that? He remembered the meeting in the private office inside the embassy. Four people were in the room with him, the diplomat, two embassy guards, and a female aide serving coffee and sandwiches. He hadn’t paid the woman much attention other than a cursory glance. Now he wished he had. Maybe then they wouldn’t be on this collision course.

Her finger traced a pattern on his arm, which sent a shot of lust down his spine.

“Boy, you’re easy to talk too…when you can’t answer back.” A dry laugh escaped, and quickly dropped to a sigh. “Never thought I would miss the sound of someone’s voice.” The back of her hand stroked his cheek and slipped under his chin. She leaned closer. So close her breath fanned his lips. So close her amethyst eyes were all he could see.

Damn he wanted to taste her, slide his tongue between her parted lips, and draw her breath into his lungs. Just once, to quiet the question that suddenly needed an answer. He couldn’t move, not without her permission.

The smaller wiser, saner part of his brain raised a red flag and threw out query. After the kiss, then what? Fuck her? Kill her? Both or neither, what’s the game plan? Exit strategy?

Ridley closed her eyes, shook her head, and pulled away to move her food around her plate. He heard the word stupid mumbled under her breath and had to agree. From one to ten, them kissing had to be level fifteen stupid. Yet he’d never claimed to be a rocket scientist. The thought of being stupid with Ridley Cross had his blood humming. He watched as she chowed down her food in record time and push away from the breakfast bar.

“I’m going to check out our loot while you finish eating.” She stomped away.

EJ obeyed the order with gusto until a gasp came from the bedroom, then a strangled scream. “No! Noooo!”

Coming August 2016







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TIme for another sexy snippet of Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

“Now is your chance to tell me to stop. Your only chance, because I’m going to have all of you.”
Her pupils dilated, lips parted. Her breast rose on a long inhale. “And what about me?” Breathy, her voice stoked his fires.
“You…” God she was lovely. He gripped her coat. Gentle pressure on her thighs from his hips and they parted for him to shift between. His new home. He clasped her hips and slid her core against the bulge straining against his zipper. “Get me, kissing you, touching you, loving you.”
He whispered the words into her mouth and had planned to give her another moment to decide, but she hauled him closer. Her lips were soft and winter kissed cool. He kept still and let her have her way even when her hands crept beneath his jacket and shoved it off his shoulders. Her tongue made its way down his neck, mixed with flicks from her tongue. Warm tongue, cool lips, a hot hand eased passed his belt and cupped him. He groaned and pressed his bulge into her hand. Her mouth returned to his in a frantic kiss that spoke of her desire.
He broke the kiss and studied her through passion-drunk eyes. “Last chance, Candy Cane. Tell me what you want. Say it. Wanna hear it from your own lips.”
As she did in the shower, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and freed him. From base to tip, she stroked him with a firm grip that left him gasping. EJ gritted his teeth to keep from exploding. Then trailed her fingers away.
Forehead pressed to his, her eyes bore into his. “I want you to strip… slowly, so I can enjoy the show.”
No one had ever requested that. It gave him a thrill that she had. “Do that? Yes I can.”
EJ secured his pants on his hips and stood. Ridley didn’t move from her semi-sprawled position. Lust rode him hard as he took her creamy thighs, red boots and –Surprise! Surprise!—red panties playing peek-a-boo. He couldn’t help grinning as he caught the edge of his shirt and lifted. She hissed and her eyes widened. He adored the need drawing her face tight, made him feel…
Shit. It made him feel the last thing he expected. He… Nah… he couldn’t possibly be in love. It took more time than a month and a half to fall in love. He paused, suddenly uncertain.
“What’s wrong?” The need faded from Ridley’s face, replaced with a wary unease. She closed her legs and seemed to lock herself down.
“Umm… nothing.”
Her eyes narrowed. She didn’t buy. Neither would he.
“I’ve never stripped for a woman.”
Her eyebrows furrowed, her head tilted, she blinked a few times. “Come again?”
“Oh, I plan on cuming again. And again. And again.”


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MID WEEK TEASE OCT 21, 2015 Back To The Future Day!!



Today is the day Martie McFly went Back To The Future! Wow. I remember sitting in the theater watching that movie and thinking 2015 was one hundred years away. And here we are. In honor of Back To The Future, I’m going to post an excerpt from a novella I started to write, then stopped because I realized it needed to be a full-length novel and it wasn’t the right time for it. But some time-in the Future-I will be Back to it.  

I hope you enjoy this small taste of ECHO: Descendants of Ra BooK…Hmmm? I’m not quite sure which book this will be. 

RULE #1 of the Egyptian Pantheon set down by Ra in the first Epoch

Never interfere with the will of the humans.


The Great Goddess Nu, ruler of the heaven’s and sky, symbolic matriarch of the Egyptian Pantheon sat motionless on her throne. Serenity graced her features and her hands rested loosely in her lap. Both belied the racing of her heart.

Her gaze had fixed to a point on the distant wall and her mind had turned inward to her favorite place on earth, the virgin forest of Thrace. Where she transformed into a doe and traversed the land. Often she retreated there when the dictate of her station became too much to bear.

Lightning struck outside the council chambers. She flinched. Thunder boomed a second later and mixed with a horrendous wail from one who was her friend. No longer could she pretend she was somewhere else.  All three combined snatched her back to the present task.

Her gaze drifted from the wall and landed on her friend. Baal, the once exalted God of Storms.  Baal angled his head and spittle ran freely from a broken jaw. His pained gaze met hers. Lightning flashed within his sky blue eyes before his head slumped.

Goddess, are you disturbed by the display?

She turned to the being seated in the gold chair. Though he sat beside her on a raised throne much grander than hers, Ra spoke the words directly into her mind. Able to be every thing and every where simultaneously, his elderly appearance fooled none. Master of the universe, creator of all, why he lingered here, on this small world puzzled the pantheon, but no one dared to question.

Ra waited for her answer. His placid face mimicked hers. How could she not be affected by the blood splatter marring her once pristine robes and the wails for mercy drowning out the raging tempest outside.

Incapable of lying Nu, finally turned her gaze to the drama unfolding a few feet away from her. Stripped and chained to the floor, back bowed Baal’s essence bleed from the many gashes dissecting his lean frame. A dakkardar whistled as it many tails sliced the air and dug into the gods hide. Chunks ripped free.

“I am greatly disturbed,” she said loud enough for all to hear. “The God of Storms knew the laws passed down from the time of Sakhmet. His actions have determined his fate. Show him mercy and he will not stray again.”  As the Goddess of Heaven, violence went against her nature. As consort to Ra, she did her duty and supported his position even though her soul rebelled at the horror.

“No, I will not give him the chance to stray once more.”

Pleased with her response, Ra stood, rested his staff against his throne and crossed the room. He took the dakkardar from Aten’s hand. Disappointment flared in the sycophant’s eyes before reverence masked the minor sun god’s emotions.

Ra whipped the tails into the air. Infusing them with his power, the weapon turned into blinding streams of light. The tails connected with skin. Acrid smoked filled the chamber. When it cleared nothing of the handsome Baal remained. Most of his body charred, Baal slumped unconscious on the marble floor.

“Nu.” Ra’s gazed landed on her and shifted to the Serpent necklace snug around her neck. One of the seven sacred relics, this Anu-Ra belonged solely to her. Only she could wield it. He didn’t have to speak for her to know his intention.

No, she nearly screeched, but one couldn’t refuse Ra. On shaky legs, she stood and proceeded forward. With each step, the necklace uncoiled from her neck. Its warm body stretched ad snaked across her bare shoulders, down her arm to wrap once around her wrist. The ruby eyes set in its golden head twinkled as it bobbed, waiting. At the opposite end the twin emerald eyed head rested against her pulsing jugular.

If she had support she could protest. Nu glanced at the other deity’s gathered as witness for Baal’s punishment. A few stared blankly ahead, but avid delight at another’s suffering transformed many more.

Ra spoke her full name, commanding her attention and ending any hope of finding unity or a budding coalition of opposition. Once more, she was reminded of Ra power and how little the Pantheon cared for each other. She almost wished she wasn’t a god.

She stopped short of the prone of Baal’s body and his cooling essence. Forgive me balanced on the tip of her tongue as she extended her arm. Golden scales expanded. The Serpent lengthened and stretched toward Baal. Blood raced through her aching heart. Ruby eyes flared and glowed. Emerald eyes matched the display. For this act only fangs sunk into her neck and drew power from her. Goddess of the Heavens, Nu kept the balance between heaven and earth, and the gods and humans.

The ruby head bit into Baal. Power flowed into the Serpent where it would remain until called forth. When it ended, Baal was gone. Not even dust remained.

Tears threatened to spill. Nu lifted her head. The storm clouds hovering over the open chamber dissipated and cleansing sunlight washed clean everywhere it touched.

Ra turned to the Pantheon. “As a reward for his loyalty, Aten will receive Baal’s power.”

Her stomach rolled. Nu ignored the gasps that circled the room and whipped around and faced Ra and Aten. Eagerness showed on the lesser god’s face while Ra’s bedrock features never wavered. His steady gaze commanded her compliance.

“I refuse.”

Tension hummed through the room and several gods gathered their power. Ra’s face turned molten and flamed like the surface of the sun. He strode to her and only stopped a breath away. His heat billowed, baking her.

“Repeat your words.” His voice cracked the silence of the room.

His power eclipsed hers ten times over. Nu stiffened her spine. “He is unworthy of such a gift.”

All waited for Ra to speak. A second or a millennium, neither mattered to a deity.

Finally, you show some backbone. The words filled her head.

“As you wish Great Goddess,” Ra said loudly. You have made an enemy today. Very unwise.

Ra vanished, but his words lingered in Nu’s head and began to fester. A rustle of fabric caught her attention. She scanned the room and met each hostile stare until they bowed with proper respect. Only then did she leave the chamber.

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It’s Hump Day and time to post a teaser from my latest work in progress, Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

EJ Nicolis can’t move or talk without Ridley Cross’s instruction. She thinks the former Goddess of Chaos has wiped his brain clean, but he is still in and piss the hell off.
BLURB: Ridley Cross will stop at nothing to break her family curse. Including enslaving an innocent man, EJ Nicolis. He doesn’t deserve it, but regardless of the consequences, she’ll use him as a means to an end. Yet, the more time she spends with EJ, the line between survival and passion blur. Can she trust the man she has shamelessly used?
Trapped in a prison of his own flesh and bones, EJ Nicolis will kill the one who placed him there. No matter how much he hungers for her, he will resist her amethyst eyes, her pouty lips, and fiery soul when he wraps his hands around her slender, graceful neck and…
With evil at every turn, the Descendants of Ra out to rescue their brother EJ—and make her pay—Ridley can’t afford to fall in love. The stakes are higher than her desires. Greater than her needs. More important than his life. Or hers.


Ridley scooted between his open legs to cup his face and tilted his chin up. The gash had healed and most likely his other injuries. That didn’t stop her from running her fingers through his short—surprisingly soft—buzz cut. Finding nothing, she continued her exploration. She shucked off his coat, let it thud to the bathroom floor. Guns dangled from holsters beneath both armpits and knives were secure in special pockets in his custom sweater.

Almost of their own accord, her hands traveled over his impossibly broad shoulders. She leaned close to peer at his back, searching for telltale blood, and found none. His chest came next. Covered with soot and streaked with dirt and blood, she took her time skimming his hard pecs and tight abs through his shirt. Blood dotted his thighs. She suspected the splatter came from his brother and the healing wounds on his knuckles. Satisfied, Ridley balanced on her haunches and looked into EJ’s blank eyes.
Sadness swallowed her. After such an intense experience, she needed someone to talk with. No, not someone. Him. She wanted to ask if he was okay, wanted to apologize for what she made him do, wanted a deeper connection than their one-way conversation. Wanted what she couldn’t have with a man who’d stumbled into her life and who would regret it the moment he was free. The path the gods had placed her on could not be altered. Even with the collateral damage, Josie came first.
Ridley heaved a sigh and shifted her attention to the man in front of her. EJ was filthy. Funny how she hadn’t noticed or cared about him being dirty when she examined him for wounds. She retrieved a facial towel from a nearby closet, which also had a small washer/dryer combo, and wet it in the bathroom sink. The blood on his forehead hadn’t quite dried so it cleaned away easily. Next came the soot on his lean cheek. She paused. Tracks lined both cheeks as if he had…cried?
That wasn’t possible. EJ and the women of the Order were empty vessels. Khuket had erased everything they were. That is what the goddess had said.
Khuket’s dead.
And Avery Nicolis is the new God of Chaos.

ENCORE! Coming in 2016.

encore teaser

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My Sexy Saturday 8/29/15

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday post! Today, I’m share 7 sentences from my latest work in progress, the 4th novel in my Descendants of Ra series, Encore. Meet EJ Nicolis. He’s a descendant of Ra, a mercenary and a prisoner of the sexiest woman he’s ever met. 


Day One.  EJ Nicolis sat zombified in a ratty tan Barcalounger. The planned destruction and death of one person gave him focus and kept him sane. It didn’t matter how fine her ass was in the red tartan mini. Or how her thighs peeked all milk creamy between the slats of the skirt. Or how freaking sexy her candy apple red patent leather knee-high Doc Marten’s gleamed in competition with pouty red lips and her amethyst eyes. As soon as he freed himself from his forced servitude—Ridley Cross was a dead woman.

Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the first 3 novels in the Descendants of Ra series available on AMAZON




Hello Everyone,

In the last few weeks, I’ve been busy working on three projects. The first project is Encore, the fourth novel in the Descendants of Ra series. The second project is Forever, a Descendants of Ra novella, featuring Reign and Alexis from the second novel in the series. The third project is a brand new series featuring the Cimmerians, a group of disgruntled fallen angels who are seeking redemption in order to return to heaven, or are they?  In the coming weeks, I’ll be leaving snippets from all three projects. 

Today, you’re getting a snippet for Encore. When last we left EJ Nicolis, he was little more than a zombie. Trapped in his own body with only his mind to keep him company. Until Ridley Cross, the woman who helped turn him in her personal zombie slave, arrives. Not to free him, but to command him.

Ridley dropped to her haunches in front of EJ. She’d never been this close. Her amethyst eyes—violet flecked with silver—so brilliant in her pale face, met his.

“I don’t know why I bother talking to you?” She traced a finger down his cheek. Her lips curled into a frown. She sighed and tapped his temple. “There’s nothing in there. You’re an empty shell.” Her gaze moved lower to his chest. Lower to his abs. Lower…

Her hand dipped into the pocket of her red leather coat and retrieved a photo. EJ couldn’t see the image so he studied the solemn expression on Ridley’s face, happy that something had caused her pain. A sigh eased from her and unshed tears shimmered in her eyes. Her forehead dropped to his knee and her shoulder trembled.

Concern was the last thing he expected to feel, but it was there. This wasn’t the woman who left him to rot. That woman wouldn’t have tears to shed.

Her chin rose and she scooted between his knees. “I’m sorry, s-sorry for all of this,” she stuttered, her breath hitching between each word. “Sorry you got caught in the crossfire, but you’re here now, and I need you—your help, your muscle.”

What would bring her this low to seek an enemy for help?

She stood, popped her hands on her hips, and widened her stance. “You will help me.” Gone was the contrite person who just apologized. “Okay, let’s make this official. Look at me,” she demanded.

The order bulldozed his will. His chin tilted and his gaze traveled up her body, past  her exposed belly button, the cropped sweater molding to the swell of her breasts. They were small, no more than a handful. Well…he had big hands.

His gaze continued the journey, pausing at the deep hue of her full lips.

“I said look at me.” Impatience stamped her voice. And a bit of fear.

Good. She should be afraid. Very. Because he was going to kill her. Slowly and with great joy.

He looked past her nose, flaring with each agitated inhale to finally met her gaze. Brows lowered over her eyes, she expected his complete obedience. And he was powerless to refuse her.

“Elroy Jasper, you are my bodyguard.”

He cringed at the sound of his full name and swore additional vengeance.

“You will do what I say, when I say. Protecting me from any injury, any enemy is your primary goal. If you understand, nod.”

He understood plenty. He was now her brick wall, her armor, her bulletproof vest. Up and down, his head moved. Now I’m a damn bobblehead! A string of curses ricocheted inside his head though none left his lips.


He unfurled from the chair. Seated for so long, his muscles screamed in relief. His joints snapped, crackled, and popped.

Her lovely face glowed with amusement. “You sound like an old man.”

That’s because you made me sit for six fucking days! Rage. Four letters meshed together to denote an emotion. That’s what he should feel. The only thing that made sense. Instead, curiosity had him studying her. What did she need with him? Something illegal?

“Sorry for leaving you here for so long. I move faster without you.”

He’d seen how she moved. There one moment, gone the next. Once he was free, he’d find a way to immobilize her and get some payback.

Where are we going? The words stayed in his head because she hadn’t given him permission to speak.

“Put on your coat and follow me.”

She opened the door and like an obedient slave, he fell in line behind her, powerless to disobey.

For now.

bodybuilder posing. Handsome power athletic guy male. Fitness muscular body on black background. Black and white photo

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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Romance Reads Party

sizzling romance

Welcome to your next stop on the Sizzling Summer Reads Party tour! Hi, I’m Tmonique Stephens and I’m showcasing the first novel in my Descendants of Ra series, Eternity. If you’re into vengeful gods and the hot descendants, then this is the read for you!

Eternity-Final242 (3) (480x640) (225x300)

Cursed for 2000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is his only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover . . . until now.

A late night walk home throws Stella Walker into the path of a killer. The last thing she remembers are the deep blue eyes of the man trying to kill her—and the first things she sees after a seven day coma are the same blue eyes in the handsome face of the man hired to protect her. Is he truly the owner of a security firm or the man who wants to finish her off? Is it fears she feels when Roman touches her or the memory of something sweeter?

Past secrets haunt them. An angry demon stalks them. 

Roman will do anything to recover what they once had. Though Stella’s ruined childhood has made her close her heart and body to any man, he must get past the walls around her to gain her love and trust, for it will take their union to defeat an unexpected enemy sent from the Egyptian Gods. A man Romans respects, and Stella trusts.


Curled on his body in the middle of Central Park, Roman let Stella sleep. Holding her wasn’t a hardship as his mind wandered to the future, their future. Foolhardy, definitely, but what else could he do when he held the object of his obsession in his arms?

Remember your promise and let her go.

He stroked a wayward lock of hair behind her ear and slid his fingers down her silky cheek. She nuzzled him, turned her face into his palm and kissed him. Every noble intention evaporated like a bead of sizzling water in a hot skillet. Cock rock hard, he had to kiss her, feel her breath on his skin, in his body. In the deserted park, he needed her now.

The fine hairs on the back of his neck bristled. He froze. Battle instincts surged to the forefront, screaming for action, instead, he listened to the night surrounding him and waited. Though not a hub of wildlife, the creatures of Central Park were silent. They also waited. Somewhere, nearby, a predator stalked.

He nudged Stella. She stretched, making him aware of every curve and hollow she possessed, and purred, a sexy rumble deep in her throat. Before she could say a word, he cupped her head and pulled her into a quick kiss.

“Shhh, we’re in danger,” he whispered against her lips.

Her head popped up and she eased off him. In the gloom, her frightened eyes met his. “What?” She mouthed.

“We have to get out of here.”

Crouched low, he took her hand, together they crawled along next to the hedge. He looked over. His keen eyesight picked up nothing and no one. So why did the same excitement he used to get before a battle race through his veins? Stella squeezed his hand. Her wide eyes sent him a question he couldn’t answer.

He drew his gun from the small of his back and the silencer from his jacket pocket.

“Roman?” Her voice wavered.

He spared her a glance. “Whatever happens, do exactly as I say. Understand?”

Her head bobbed on her neck.

“Walk beside me, not in front or behind. Got it?”

Not far from the nearest road, they stuck to the trees and away from the open expanse of the Great Lawn.

Leaves crunched behind them. He’d never run from anything in his life. Even before the curse and his immortality, he stood his ground and killed everything in his path. Now, whatever stalked him, stalked her. His senses told him only one lurked in the darkness, but with Stella to protect, he couldn’t risk it.

The Delacorte amphitheater loomed ahead. He guided her into the shadows. Stationed behind a statue, he aimed and watched the route they had just taken. Stella clutched his jacket, her shivering body pressed close.

“Tell me.”

“There’s someone out there.”

“It could be anyone, ’kids maybe?”

“Maybe.” He agreed purely to reassure her. But as he spoke, one hundred yards away, something peeled away from the shadows of a large tree and charged.

“Stay.” He ordered. Through his jacket, her nails dug into his back. He pulled away, but she wouldn’t let go. He shrugged out of his jacket and advanced. She called to him, begging him to return, but the blood rushing in his ears drown out her voice. He rushed forward and focused on the attacking foe.

Wait. He skidded to a halt. He had a shot, but . . . something was wrong. The height was too short. Whoever ran toward him must be a child—or running on all fours. He squinted at the slice of darkness closing the distance between them. The tree coverage ended and speckled moonlight dotted the Great Lawn, uncovering the thing barreling forward. For a split second his mind tried to unravel the impossible nightmare quickly shrinking the distance, before he fired three shots between its widely spaced eyes. It roared and charged faster.

“Run, Stella!” He fired running back to the theater. She hadn’t listened. Instead of running away, she met him. He grabbed her hand and ran, but she couldn’t keep up and the thing behind them closed the distance.

“Is it him, The Strangler?” she shouted breathless.

They ran past The Preserve, rounded a column and then stopped. Shrouded in gloom, the outline of the pond appeared in front of the Belvedere Castle. He didn’t want her to see what chased them, but before he could stop her, she turned. Her scream pierced the night. Yards away, a bellow replied. He jerked her around and shoved. She stumbled and fell into the water.

“Go!” This time, she didn’t fight. For a second, he watched her swim. Then turned in time for claws to dig into his side.


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#MWT #MidWeekTease


I’m back with a Mid Week Tease from my latest Work In Progress. Let me introduce you to EJ Nicolis, the fourth brother in my Descendants of Ra Series.


EJ Nicolis sat zombified in a ratty Barcalounger. The planned destruction and death of one person gave him immense comfort. It didn’t matter how fine her ass was in the red tartan mini, or how her thighs peeked all milk creamy between the slats of the skirt, or how freaking sexy her candy apple red patent leather knee-high Doc Marten’s gleamed in competition with her amethyst eyes and pouty red lips. As soon as he freed himself from his forced servitude—Ridley Cross was a dead woman.

ENCORE Descendants of Ra Book 4 will be available next year. 



My Sexy Saturday



Here are 7 sexy sentences from EVERLASTING, the second novel in my Descendants of Ra series. Meet Reign Nicolis and Detective Alexis Lever.

Alexis led the way upstairs. Inside her bedroom, she guided Reign to a rattan chair, which groaned under his weight. She backed away and toed off the soggy sneakers, then grabbed the tab of the zipper on her sweater. Slow and steady, the whiz of the descending tab was the only sound in the room. Hands gripping the arms the chair, Reign leaned forward, lips parted, eyes glazed. His gaze traveled with the zipper and then shot to her face.

A wicked smile answered his unasked question. She turned, showing him her back. She shrugged one shoulder free and peeked over it, making sure she had his full attention. His gaze hadn’t left her. Another shrug and the sweater slid to the middle of her back.

The chair creaked.

She didn’t turn around. She let the sweater fall. The pants followed, pooling at her ankles. Maybe she should thank the NYPD for not confiscating her lacy underwear. Bending over, she stepped from the pile of clothing. When she straightened, she knew Reign no longer sat in the chair on the other side of the room.

Heat radiated from him, warming her back. The straps of her bra dangled. She reached behind and with a pinch and twist; the bra fell to the floor. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her string bikini and shimmied out of them.

Heavy footsteps followed her into the bathroom and stopped when she entered the shower stall. The strip of frosted glass on the shower door hid enough to let the imagination run wild. By Reign’s strained stare, tense body, and the vein pulsing in his neck, he imagined a lot.

Alexis crooked a finger and invited him inside. She didn’t want him to imagine. She wanted him to see.



Kill the beast.

Save your brother.

Win your freedom.

No problem.

Falling in love with the cop trying to arrest you?


To save his twin from death, Reign Nicolis will have to bargain with Goddess of the Dead, and once more become what he despises, El Mortem, The Scourge, a killer trained to show mercy to none. But he is haunted by those who have fallen beneath his blade. Their ghostly shapes dog his footsteps, relentless in their torture to make him suffer for what he was put on this earth to do two thousand years ago. Saving his twin ensures Reign’s enslavement to the Goddess. She may own his body, but never his heart.

Detective Alexis Lever’s career is in shambles. Her only chance at redemption is to discover what happened to the body of Daniel Nicolis. To do that she’ll have to thwart two men: Reign Nicolis and Roman Nicolis. Both belong in jail. But one has stolen her heart.