It’s Hump Day and time to post a teaser from my latest work in progress, Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

EJ Nicolis can’t move or talk without Ridley Cross’s instruction. She thinks the former Goddess of Chaos has wiped his brain clean, but he is still in and piss the hell off.
BLURB: Ridley Cross will stop at nothing to break her family curse. Including enslaving an innocent man, EJ Nicolis. He doesn’t deserve it, but regardless of the consequences, she’ll use him as a means to an end. Yet, the more time she spends with EJ, the line between survival and passion blur. Can she trust the man she has shamelessly used?
Trapped in a prison of his own flesh and bones, EJ Nicolis will kill the one who placed him there. No matter how much he hungers for her, he will resist her amethyst eyes, her pouty lips, and fiery soul when he wraps his hands around her slender, graceful neck and…
With evil at every turn, the Descendants of Ra out to rescue their brother EJ—and make her pay—Ridley can’t afford to fall in love. The stakes are higher than her desires. Greater than her needs. More important than his life. Or hers.


Ridley scooted between his open legs to cup his face and tilted his chin up. The gash had healed and most likely his other injuries. That didn’t stop her from running her fingers through his short—surprisingly soft—buzz cut. Finding nothing, she continued her exploration. She shucked off his coat, let it thud to the bathroom floor. Guns dangled from holsters beneath both armpits and knives were secure in special pockets in his custom sweater.

Almost of their own accord, her hands traveled over his impossibly broad shoulders. She leaned close to peer at his back, searching for telltale blood, and found none. His chest came next. Covered with soot and streaked with dirt and blood, she took her time skimming his hard pecs and tight abs through his shirt. Blood dotted his thighs. She suspected the splatter came from his brother and the healing wounds on his knuckles. Satisfied, Ridley balanced on her haunches and looked into EJ’s blank eyes.
Sadness swallowed her. After such an intense experience, she needed someone to talk with. No, not someone. Him. She wanted to ask if he was okay, wanted to apologize for what she made him do, wanted a deeper connection than their one-way conversation. Wanted what she couldn’t have with a man who’d stumbled into her life and who would regret it the moment he was free. The path the gods had placed her on could not be altered. Even with the collateral damage, Josie came first.
Ridley heaved a sigh and shifted her attention to the man in front of her. EJ was filthy. Funny how she hadn’t noticed or cared about him being dirty when she examined him for wounds. She retrieved a facial towel from a nearby closet, which also had a small washer/dryer combo, and wet it in the bathroom sink. The blood on his forehead hadn’t quite dried so it cleaned away easily. Next came the soot on his lean cheek. She paused. Tracks lined both cheeks as if he had…cried?
That wasn’t possible. EJ and the women of the Order were empty vessels. Khuket had erased everything they were. That is what the goddess had said.
Khuket’s dead.
And Avery Nicolis is the new God of Chaos.

ENCORE! Coming in 2016.

encore teaser

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