VIKINGS: Lagertha Lothbok

vikings_history_channel_wallpaper_by_palo90-d5y13hdAt first, I’ve watched Vikings on the History Channel since its debut on 2013 with a bit of wistfulness and nostalgia because it reminded me of Starz’s epic series, Spartacus which ended in 2013.

The comparisons between the two series are numerous: The battles, blood, feuds, death, betrayal, and the politics. The subplots and subterfuge in Vikings were as riveting as what held my attention in Spartacus. Though what solidified the appeal of the show was Lagertha Lothbok, (actress Kathryn Winnick)  Katheryn-Winnick-vikings









wife of Ragnar, a mighty Earl.

Lagertha is a shield maiden, a warrior. She can wield a sword, hoist a shield, and kill without mercy. She is as fierce as any man, and can bring to pain in any battle. She takes no shit from anyone, including her husband who she eventually leaves when he decides the one son they share isn’t enough. Ragnar decides to take a new wife. Lagertha packs up, leaves with her son, remarries, and becomes an Earl herself.

A fitting character arc for a smart, loyal woman who fears only losing her child, and will fight to keep what she has gained. Kathryn Winnick brings her martial arts talents, beauty, and vulnerability to her portrayal of the Lagertha that captures my imagination.

I want to imbue the many facets of Lagertha’s character to my heroines, the value she places on herself, her compassion for Ragnar’s new wife and their children, leadership of her clan, the respect she has earned by being who she is. Kathryn Winnick makes it look easy, hopefully I can do the same.

I anxiously await the third season of this riveting drama. 2015 is too far away.