My Sexy Saturday June 4, 2014


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Today I’m sharing  7 sexy sentences from Encore, the fourth novel my Descendants of Ra series. Meet EJ and Ridley.  She helped enslave him … and he fell in love.

Flames licked her blood. A clear warning something really bad was about to happen. Not apocalyptic bad. The bad that has your sense of self-preservation taking a vacation while your legs eagerly spread. No resistance, much like a teaspoon of butter thrown onto a hot skillet.

One guess who was the butter. She had to go, now.

Encore Release date June 21, 2016

Ridley Cross will stop at nothing to break her family curse.Including enslaving an innocent man, EJ Nicolis. He doesn’t deserve it, but regardless of the consequences, she’ll use him as a means to an end. Yet, the more time she spends with EJ, the line between survival and passion blurs. Can she trust the man she has shamelessly used?

Trapped in a prison of his own flesh and bones, EJ Nicolis will kill the one who placed him there. No matter how much he hungers for her, he will resist her amethyst eyes, her pouty lips, and fiery soul when he wraps his hands around her slender, graceful neck and…

With evil at every turn, the Descendants of Ra out to rescue their brother EJ—and make her pay—Ridley can’t afford to fall in love. The stakes are higher than her desires.

Greater than her needs.

More important than his life.

Or hers.

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