Mid Week Tease June 1, 2016

New Release Coming June 21, 2016


 I’m getting so excited! Release day is approaching! Jun 21, 2016, will be here soon. Here is another sexy sample of my latest novel Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.

Holy—He’s commando!

Her breath hitched. Her brain lurched. A predatory grin split his features, combined with the glint in his eyes, Ridley felt feminine and small in a way she’d never experienced. Blood left her head and flooded to more important areas. Areas that ached to be licked, sucked, and filled.

“Don’t.” She held up a hand and stopped him from the big reveal.

“Suddenly shy again?”

Yes. “No. Your belt is an article of clothing. Remove it. Keep the pants. And pick up the cards.”

“One final deal.” EJ picked up the deck. Balanced in the palm of his hand, he extended the cards to her. One more loss and she’d have to choose between her bra or her bikinis.

Panic swelled. Ridley shut it down. Don’t think. Live. Finally, live!

She plucked one from the top. King of Hearts. She showed him the cards.

He plucked a card. Queen of hearts. “Well aren’t we a pair.” He extended the deck to her again.

Her fingers tingled in anticipation. Why? World peace didn’t ride on this one card. But her life did. Somehow, against all rationale, her soul was intrinsically tied to the next reveal. More precious than a gem, Ridley pulled the card from the deck. She hid her disappointment beneath a smile.

He waggled his eyebrows, the twinkle in his eye, wicked. One finger stroked the cards and yeah, her dirty mind went there because it wanted to. And so did her body. Moisture left her mouth and headed south.

Took a year for him to ease the card from the deck and lift to it to his eyes, and then show her. Nine of hearts. Twenty-two. Ridley hadn’t lost. She’d won. She could leave.

Damn it! She didn’t want to win.

“There is the door, Candy Cane. Never let it be said it kept you where you didn’t want to be.” EJ moved to the fireplace.

Her mouth opened and quickly closed. “Ok.” She looked down at her clothes piled on the floor, then up at EJ.

“I thought you’d be long gone by now. You won. No reason to stay. Would take you less than a second to be on your way.”

“Don’t be an asshole.”

He touched his chest. “Moi?” A sardonic lilt to his voice. “By now, you should know asshole is my default setting.”

That made her laugh and she moved toward him. “I know that.” Decision made, she strolled forward, unafraid even though she shouldn’t. Not if she wanted to maintain her objectivity and save her heart. “Be an asshole later, not now.”

Lust glazed his eyes. “Damn, you’re beautiful.”

One sentence and he had reduced her to a dainty, estrogen package. She preened under the compliment. It had been so long since she’d let anyone close to give her one. Now she absorbed his words into her DNA even as she shook her head. “No, I’m not. I’ve done things.”

Pants hanging precariously on his hip, he closed the distance between them, cupped her cheek, and stroked his thumb across her lips. “Yeah. I know. So have I. Everyone’s a saint and everyone’s a sinner at one time or another. I love the contradiction.” He pressed his body into hers. His breath fanned the shell of her ear.  “When was the last time something other than your hand made you cum?”

Her lungs turned into a vacuum. The answer to that question: “Nine damn long years.”

“Don’t you think it’s time to end the drought?”



Ridley Cross will stop at nothing to break her family curse.Including enslaving an innocent man, EJ Nicolis. He doesn’t deserve it, but regardless of the consequences, she’ll use him as a means to an end. Yet, the more time she spends with EJ, the line between survival and passion blurs. Can she trust the man she has shamelessly used?

Trapped in a prison of his own flesh and bones, EJ Nicolis will kill the one who placed him there. No matter how much he hungers for her, he will resist her amethyst eyes, her pouty lips, and fiery soul when he wraps his hands around her slender, graceful neck and…

With evil at every turn, the Descendants of Ra out to rescue their brother EJ—and make her pay—Ridley can’t afford to fall in love. The stakes are higher than her desires.

Greater than her needs.

More important than his life.

Or hers.

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