Welcome to my Mid Week Tease.  Here is a sample of my latest manuscript Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4. A little setup: EJ Nicolis doesn’t have his free will. All he can do is listen to Ridley Cross, the woman who has kidnapped his body along with his heart, share thoughts she would never impart if she knew he understood every word. 

“I used to watch you. I mean, the Order assigned me as your Watcher.”

Now that piqued his interest. When and where? He wanted details.

Her hand lingered on his arm as she stared into his eyes. “You were in Brazil protecting a diplomat’s kid.”

He remembered that assignment. The teenage son had been a spoiled dick.

“You killed two men who had tried to kidnap him. Double tap between the eyes fifty yards away before they got the kid in a van. No fuss. No mess. Easy clean up.”

EJ remembered. Then he went after the guy who hired them. That had been messy. Took a few days for the bullet hole in his shoulder to heal. Took longer for his mother—AKA Avery—to stop chewing his ass off.

“The kid was a basket case, but the father couldn’t thank you enough. He gave you a pouch with loose uncut diamonds inside. You refused the gift. I always wondered why.”

How could she know that? He remembered the meeting in the private office inside the embassy. Four people were in the room with him, the diplomat, two embassy guards, and a female aide serving coffee and sandwiches. He hadn’t paid the woman much attention other than a cursory glance. Now he wished he had. Maybe then they wouldn’t be on this collision course.

Her finger traced a pattern on his arm, which sent a shot of lust down his spine.

“Boy, you’re easy to talk too…when you can’t answer back.” A dry laugh escaped, and quickly dropped to a sigh. “Never thought I would miss the sound of someone’s voice.” The back of her hand stroked his cheek and slipped under his chin. She leaned closer. So close her breath fanned his lips. So close her amethyst eyes were all he could see.

Damn he wanted to taste her, slide his tongue between her parted lips, and draw her breath into his lungs. Just once, to quiet the question that suddenly needed an answer. He couldn’t move, not without her permission.

The smaller wiser, saner part of his brain raised a red flag and threw out query. After the kiss, then what? Fuck her? Kill her? Both or neither, what’s the game plan? Exit strategy?

Ridley closed her eyes, shook her head, and pulled away to move her food around her plate. He heard the word stupid mumbled under her breath and had to agree. From one to ten, them kissing had to be level fifteen stupid. Yet he’d never claimed to be a rocket scientist. The thought of being stupid with Ridley Cross had his blood humming. He watched as she chowed down her food in record time and push away from the breakfast bar.

“I’m going to check out our loot while you finish eating.” She stomped away.

EJ obeyed the order with gusto until a gasp came from the bedroom, then a strangled scream. “No! Noooo!”



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