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Hello, all! It’s time for another tease from Eternity Descendants of Ra Book 1. I love the moment when the hero and heroine know they love each other, but still can’t admit it. That moment is full of angst and sexual tension, and even though I know how it will turn out, my heart still beats a little faster. Here is one of my favorite teases from Eternity.

Two seats down, a chair scraped along the floor, dragging her attention away. Roman slid into a seat. Shades covered his eyes, but her skin flushed as if caressed by his stare. Dressed in black, he sucked in all the light around him. Cut from the same cloth of the night, he embodied everything dangerous. A man to avoid. So why did her heart lurch, her mouth dry and every joint in her treacherous body loosen. Joy flourished where anger should while she feasted on the man. His once clean-shaven face had days of growth. He looked leaner, meaner.

Damn, he looked good enough to tie to the chair his ass sat on and ride.


Guttural and deep, his voice touched intimate places, making her ache.  She panted slowly.

“Coffee, please.” Velvety smooth, he purred or did she hear what she desired?

Seconds ago, she barely had the energy to place one foot in front of the other. Now, her hips swayed with purposeful intention as she walked away. She glanced over her shoulder and swore the corner of his sensual mouth curled. Yep.

“Black coffee, the way you like it.” The steaming cup danced slightly in her hand.

“The way I like it? What do you know about what I like?” Gruff voiced, he studied her from his seated position.

“Days ago I knew what you liked.” The words tripped off her tongue. Days ago he spent the night locked between her thighs. The memory tightened her nipples and hollowed her.


Only a cursed man would wait 2000 years for one woman.
For 2,000 years, Roman Nicolis has tracked his lover’s soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is their only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover … until now.

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