Friday Flames!!!


I found an earlier version of Eternity and decided to give everyone a hot snippet from that unpublished version of my debut novel. My writing has changed and become stronger since I wrote this in 2009. I hope you like it.

He didn’t knock. She was in bed, wide awake and watching his approach. He pulled her covers back slowly, watching for signs of rejection or fear. When there was none he scooped her off the bed and carried her to his room.

As wrong as it was, she felt giddy. She hid her smile by turning her face to his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck. He tightened his hold on her, and she heard his heartbeat quicken.

He placed her in the center of his bed and lay next to her. Propped on his side and looked at her. Her hair was braided so he loosed it and spread it around her shoulders. For the first time she was without a robe. The gown skimmed her upper thighs and dipped low between her breasts, breasts that were now fuller than when she left the hospital. Hector’s mission to fatten her up was working. There were curves where bones had once protruded and her pale skin now held a rosy tint. He was hard and hurting as he lay next to her.

She ran her palm over his stubbled jaw. The scratches were still there but hidden under his evenings growth of hair.

He closed his eyes as she stroked his chin and imagined her hand stroking elsewhere. He stretched out on the bed as she inched closer to him. He waited for her to snuggle against him, instead she propped herself up on her elbow and stared down at him.

She ran her fingers over his eyebrows and down the bridge of his nose. She played with the shell of his ear, and he chuckled. His chest rumbled with suppressed laughter. Her fingers found his lips and the laughter stopped.

He was so big. Even though she was next to him, his lips and face were so far away. She straddled him. Her actions were so abrupt. She shocked herself and by the look on Roman’s face, he was too. She started to get off, but he grabbed her thighs and stopped her.

Roman waited for her to struggle. Any moment now she would start flaying and run from him again. As still as could be, he gently held her knees to him and waited.

The feeling of all that warm, hard, male body beneath her overwhelmed her senses. Thinking and breathing were a chore. She felt the heat radiating from him. It made her moan.

His cock jerked in response to her sigh. He picked her up and settled her more squarely on it. She shifted around, and he swore to keep himself from coming.

“Am I too heavy?”

“No.” He growled.

He looked like he was in pain. “I’ll get off.” But he wouldn’t let her. “Am I hurting you?”

He shook his head. “Kiss me Stella. Just be quiet and kiss me.”

She scooted up his body some, leaning forward she braced her hands and his chest and pressed her lips to his.

It was a shy, tentative kiss. He wanted tongue and teeth but he let her set the pace, which was slow and excruciating. She pecked at him like a bird sampling an unexpected treat. She pecked until she settled comfortably on his lips and deepened the kiss. His hands cradled her head and down her back to the rear where he cupped her cheeks. She pulled away slightly to look down at him again. He didn’t move his hands. He waited for her decision. And it was torture.

There was a throbbing between her legs. She ached, and she was afraid. The hands on her ass kneaded her gently. The hardness she was sitting on made her heart catch and her breath shorten.

She leaned forward and took his face in her hands. She didn’t know what to do. She kissed him, grinding her lips against his. “Show me.” She whispered. “I don’t know how to do this. Please show me how.”

“Take what you want of me. All I have is for you. Everything of me is for you.” He pulled her head down to his and licked her lips slowly. He felt her tremble as her lips parted and his tongue stroking her mouth. She stroked him back and rode the crest of desire that erupted inside.

Overwhelmed she tried to pull back, but he wouldn’t let her. He rose up to meet her until he was sitting up and his arms were wrapped around her. He stroked her back, her arms, and her hips. He adjusted her legs until they were wrapped around him then he stroked from her calf to her butt.

“I can’t breathe!” She whispered against his lips.

“I’ll breathe for you.” He brought her mouth back to his and devoured her. He grabbed her hips and ground his pelvis into hers. She came apart. Her world shattered into stars. She was in heaven and heaven was the most beautiful place she had ever been.

She opened her eyes and he was beside her, staring so intently that a bead of fear sprouted. “Are you okay?” His voice was deep and thick. He sounded nothing like himself.

Stella nodded. “Are you…okay?”

He laid back and pulled her to his side.”I’ll be all right.” She started to speak, but he shushed her. “Go to sleep Stella. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Sleep was the last thing on her mind but within minute her body relaxed and she slid into slumber. Roman laid wake for hours next to her. Hard, frustrated, and hopeful.

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