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Here’s  a peek of Everlasting.


The tight quarters inside the stock car served Reign well. He waited until the quimaera piled in before attacking. Five became ten, but more continued to entered, including Alamut. He couldn’t see him in the mass of beasts, but knew by the humming of his senses, Anubis’ champion was here.

The first one lunged. Reign planted his sword deep in its gut. The blade incinerated the beast from the inside out as he kicked another back into the pack. He yanked his sword free and flashed to the opening of the car.  A hard tug slammed it closed. He faded and passed through the crowed before the beasts reached him. The darkness of their combined souls amplified the churning pit within him. The Vanquished howled. They wanted blood and wouldn’t be denied.

“We meet again, Reign,” Alamut barked.

“I remember each time. You tormented my brother and his wife. She stopped you. Twice. Fallen by a slip of a woman. Now you challenge me?” The blade dimmed a notch, losing its ability to incinerate. No quick death for Alamut. The Vanquished wanted sport. They craved Alamut’s blood.

No! Reign shook his head to clear the rage induced haze from clouding his mind. He couldn’t kill him. At all cost Alamut had to survive?

Alamut charged. Reign evaded, buying time for his need for to kill his enemy to subside. But the blade would not be denied. Two swipes, a duck and fade, left two beasts armless and the blade piercing the chest of his enemy with a knee pressed to his neck. Behind Reign, the remaining pack of quimaera closed in.

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