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Congratulations on your 1st year!

making connections blog hop

Day 12


Loving what you do, so much that whether you’re a bestselling author or just starting your journey to penning the next blockbuster, you do it for the love of the written word. Writing is an art which requires time and a nurturing environment to flourish. It needs LOVE, from the author and those supporting that author on their journey. So, I send my LOVE and good wishing to all the authors plugging away on their keyboards. Never give up the dream.

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13 thoughts on “Making Connections Blog Hop

  1. I am loving this blog hop! I have always been an avid reader but just recently began reading and reviewing books and this blog hop is introducing me to so many wonderful book blogs. Thanks for participating!


  2. Wow…well said. I love visiting blog sites because I have been introduced to quite a few authors that I have never read before. I am thankful & appreciative of authors & the time & effort the put into writing such great books & such a wide variety of them for us to read. I also have to thank the review blogs/etc. for their time & efforts in creating/maintaining them.


  3. Thanks to all the wonderful writers and reviewers out there that give all of us wonderful material to read and worlds to escape to!

    dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com


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