Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013





I can’t wait for 2013! Not that 2012 was so horrible, but I have a premonition that the approaching New Year will be a great writing year.

By the end of 2011, I was completely disenchanted with finding an agent or a publisher. Many authors were—and are—gaining readers and making a living by taking the reins of their careers into their own hands. I took the time to study the pros and cons of self-publishing. After an internal debate, I decided on self-publishing. However, soon after my decision an Epublisher, who was interested in publishing my manuscript, contacted me. In early 2012, I signed my first publishing contract for my debut novel, Eternity. I had achieved the goal I had worked toward for at least the last five years. Now what?

As 2013 looms, I sat down and reassessed my writing goals. Which road should I take? Should I try traditional again? The query, submit and pray route had seriously lost its appeal to me. Should I submit again to an Epublisher? While I am thankful for my big break, Epublishing wasn’t quite what I expected. That left self-publishing.

 I have three books slated for self-publication in the coming year: Everlasting, the sequel to Eternity, an untitled novella based on Eternity and Everlasting, and Once A Wife, contemporary woman’s fiction novel. I’m looking forward to exploring self-publishing and the roads which it will take me. I’ve done my research. My expectations are realistic, but still extremely hopefully.

I’m also looking forward to a few writing conferences. Some will be local, within a two-hour drive, and one long distance conference. I love meeting with fellow authors, talking craft and sharing experiences. You can never learn enough and you should never stop trying. So that is my plan of conquering 2013. What’s yours?

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