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Why did I choose to write a Romance series about the Egyptian Gods?

About five years ago, I decided I wanted to write a series. I’ve always loved paranormal romances, vampires, werewolves, the fey, shape shifters, novels about other worlds inhabited with different species. Naturally, I gravitated to what I enjoyed reading, but I was tired of the usual books populating the genre. I considered writing about the Greek Gods, but I had recently started reading a popular series about the Greeks and I felt I had no new ideas to offer.

Then I thought of the Egyptian Gods. Ancient Egypt is one of the most well documented cultures. Although the Egyptian Gods have a wealth of history and folklore, there aren’t many fiction books about them. Their stories remain untold.

Eternity is a story of reincarnation and redemption. Roman Nicolis, a mercenary falls in love with the Elyssian, the wrong woman. He seduces her, taking her virginity and cursing them both. For two thousand years, Roman wanders the earth searching for the only woman he can love. Time and again, Roman finds her, only to lose her horribly. Now, in present day New York City, they meet again. And this is his last chance to get things right.

I love HEA aka the big moment at the end of a novel when the hero and heroine get their Happily Ever After. But they only get that moment after I torture them. I have to admit, there is a bit of a sadist in me that enjoys inflicting pain on my characters, though it is for a good cause. The cause of having my reader shed a tear and give a satisfying ‘Ahh’ at the end of the novel. That’s why I write romance.

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Cursed for 2,000 years, he has tracked his lover’s soul through each reincarnation only to lose her horribly every time. Reclaiming their love is their only salvation. He’s been her friend, her father, her neighbor, but never again her lover … until now.


A late night walk home throws her into the path of a killer. The last thing she remembers are the deep blue eyes of the man trying to kill her—and the first things she sees after a seven-day coma are the same blue eyes in the handsome face of the man hired to protect her. Is he truly the owner of a security firm assigned to protect her, or the man who wants to finish her off? Is it fear she feels when Roman touches her, or the memory of something sweeter?

Past secrets haunt them. An angry demon stalks them.

Roman will do anything to recover what they had. Though Stella’s ruined childhood has made her closed her heart and body to any man, he must get past the walls around her to gain her love and trust for it will take their union to defeat an unexpected enemy sent from the Egyptian Gods. A man Romans respects, and Stella trusts.



“What happened in foster care?” Roman’s voice dropped so low she barely heard him.

“N-nothing.” Stella  looked away. Firm fingers clasped her chin and returned her attention to him. He searched her face, looking for a way to force her to tell him.

Would he hurt me?

With night gathering and no one nearby, he could kill her and dump her body in her old hiding place. No one would find her until she stank. She had to get away.

The fingers gripping her chin stroked her jaw and glided down the column of her throat, stalling her instinct to flee, making her long for something she never had. She closed her eyes against that traitorous emotion and tilted her face into the moonlight.

The wind bathed her in a cool breeze, lifting her bangs, revealing her scar. Let him look. Let him see exactly how horrible it is. Maybe then he could deal with the scars on the inside, the ones keeping her from moving forward and claiming whatever joy this life had to offer.

Brave thoughts didn’t give her strength to open her eyes. Pity and disgust wasn’t something she wanted to see on his face.

The calloused pad of his thumb stroked her scar and left an aching trail of awareness spreading across nerve endings that—until recently—slumbered blissfully ignorant of passion. Now they roared to life, demanding attention. Fear sliced through her. What if she looked and all she saw was revulsion?

Then you’d know. Her eyes opened.

Love stared back.

Unshed tears blurred her vision.

Roman’s hand dropped to his side. “Don’t cry. I—I won’t—”

She leaped into his arms. He caught her, tumbling back onto the grass. She landed on top of his body.

Tears pelted his face. Another man would have flinched from her ghastly display and pushed her away or at the least, shielded himself. Roman waited, one hand on the small of her back, the other pushing her tousled hair behind her ears and wiping away the river cascading from her eyes.

“Sweetheart, please, tell me what’s wrong?”

She couldn’t, at least not at this moment. Not when her heart was raw and wide open. With almost no effort, every wall she erected, Roman destroyed. Now the rubble lay at her feet. Instinct told her to rebuild—quickly—before it was too late.

As she looked down into his face, she realized late had passed days ago. Maybe it was the meals he fed her, or how he didn’t balk when she wanted to learn how to defend herself. Maybe it was the nights spent safely sheltered in his arms and the way his gaze caressed her? There was something about him she craved . . . even loved?

Oh God, anything but that! 

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