Two Paragraph Tuesday

Roman stopped at the foot of Stella’s bed and watched the steady rise and fall of her chest. The bandages were off her face, but a square of white gauze still covered her cheek. No longer pasty, a tinge of pink returned to her skin. So much progress in only three short days. Small and helpless, he ached to gather her in his arms. Instead, he fisted his hands at his sides. That one touch of her hand kick started the same torment that followed him from century to century; rising like a tsunami smashing against the shore, leaving nothing but wreckage in its wake. A stabbing pain shot behind his eyes and a grimace twisted his features. God … this time would be no different.

“Why now? How much do I have to suffer … and when will it be enough?” He walked to the door and grabbed the handle. Two steps and he would be on the other side, out of her presence. Leaving would be best for both, yet he turned away from the door and returned to her bedside.


Eternity. Coming soon from Soulmate Publishing

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