As I write, I have to keep reminding myself to increase the tension. Dialogue can be tense but doesn’t come close to action. You’re hero and heroine running, chasing, fighting, loving, nothing can compare. I love good dialogue and find myself placing my characters in situations where they ‘talk’ through their problems. In real life, that works. Not so much in a romance novel.

The past year I have taken many classes. I can’t remembered all of them but important tidbit float to the surface of my brain. As I struggle with my current work in progress I remembered one. Each scene is a push towards the end. Each scene should increase the tension until the end. And, as you write your scenes ask yourself would you be excited reading this?

Stuck in the sagging middle of my novel, I’m asking myself that question and laughing as I toss out the old and increase the tension.

2 thoughts on “Tension

  • I know a lot of writers don’t like being mean to their characters, but I have no problem with it, LOL. I love building tension by throwing as many rocks at them as I can. You’re right about dialogue being another good way to raise the tension level, esp. in romance. Good luck pumping up your middle!

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