Mid Week Tease June 8, 2016

New Cover!


New Cover. New Edits.

The first book in the Descendants of Ra series is back home, where it belongs. Re-release June 21, 2016. Until then, enjoy a snippet of Eternity.

The soft press of Stella’s lips on Roman’s back pulled him from slumber. He wanted to pull her beneath him, but he was too groggy to budge. She’d drained him of all energy. Completely sated, he gathered his strength and reached for her. Instead, he found an empty spot.

“Stella?” He shot out of bed, dragged on a pair of jeans and jogged downstairs. “Stella,” he called again, receiving no answer because she wasn’t there.

“Roman.” Her voice came from outside. “Take off your clothes and come in!”

An image of her naked, water touching all the areas he recently loved made him throb.

Her scream shattered the fantasy.

From the porch, he spotted her in the lake. He took a step and he caught movement in the corner of his eye.

Everything, his hearing, breath, and heart stopped. A  man stood knee-deep in the water . . . between him and Stella.





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