Mid Week Tease May 18, 2016


Welcome to my Mid Week Tease.


  Release day is approaching! Jun 21, 2016, will be here soon. Here is a sample of my latest manuscript Encore: Descendants of Ra Book 4.Encore_small

Here is an action-packed snippet! EJ is NOT feeling the love. Ridley controls his body. And all he can do it hang on whether he likes it or not. 

EJ’s mouth hung open in a silent scream as his body flew clear of the cave in. He landed inside the vault, tangled in the collapsed metal shelving. He climbed to his feet and clawed at the mound of rubble blocking him from his brother. He had to kill him and save Ridley from his fury.

Fuck, no! I’m saving him. Not killing.

He flung the rocks away, even as gravel filtered down. He dug deeper and deeper, focused on one thing, making sure Avery was dead.


His hands blurred as he spurred himself quicker. Ridley dug next to him. When? He paused.

“Don’t stop. We’re not gonna let Avery die.” Her hands moved incredibly fast clearing the way. Together, they didn’t stop until a pair of boots poked out of the rubble.

“I’ll pull, you keep lifting.” She grabbed his feet.

A large square of cement sat in the middle of Avery’s chest. EJ lifted while Ridley dragged Avery free.

Oh God! From his face down to his thighs—mangled.

They both dropped down beside him. “He’s not dead. He has the goddess’s power. He’s not dead.” Ridley mumbled, her words held little conviction. She reached out to touch Avery and EJ wanted to beat her as her orders made him beat his brother.

On a sob, her hand dropped to her side. “What have I done?”



Ridley Cross will stop at nothing to break her family curse. Including enslaving an innocent man, EJ Nicolis. He doesn’t deserve it, but regardless of the consequences, she’ll use him as a means to an end. Yet, the more time she spends with EJ, the line between survival and passion blur. Can she trust the man she has shamelessly used?

Trapped in a prison of his own flesh and bones, EJ Nicolis will kill the one who placed him there. No matter how much he hungers for her, he will resist her amethyst eyes, her pouty lips, and fiery soul when he wraps his hands around her slender, graceful neck and…

With evil at every turn, the Descendants of Ra out to rescue their brother EJ—and make her pay—Ridley can’t afford to fall in love. The stakes are higher than her desires.

Greater than her needs.

More important than his life.

Or hers.

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