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This is one of my favorite excerpts in the Descendants of Ra series. I hope you enjoy Reign and Alexis. Everlasting, is the 2nd novel in my Descendants of Ra series.


“Damn, you’re beautiful.”

Reign couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. He’d been called many things in his long life, beautiful wasn’t on the list. For the first time, he was afraid. A woman had brought him low before, he couldn’t chance it, not again.

Fingers roamed his chest, teased his nipples, and eased down his abs. She took his hand and pulled him beneath the spray. On tiptoes, she leaned into him, her nipples teased and her breasts pillowed against his chest. Millimeters away from his lips, her tongue flicked out and licked his bottom lip.

“What are you waiting for?” Her belly brushed his arousal.

“You tease.” He didn’t recognize the strained voice that exited his mouth.

“Never about this.”

“You dangle what I want only to snatch it away the moment I reach for it.”

She grabbed his hands and forced him to her breasts. Her nipples pressed into his palms. Every muscle in him turned rigid. He crushed his lips to hers. She slid her hand up the back of his neck, slanted her lips across his, and drew his tongue into her mouth. Lost in the feel of her lush body and heady scent he wanted to lose himself in all she had to offer.

Reign yanked away. Rational thought was moments away from crumbling. “You don’t want this.”

“I do. I want you.” She rubbed against him.

Her slippery body drove him insane. And he adored it, loved that she made him want to commit a crime just to be near her, never wanted it end.

Damnation. “I won’t be gentle. I can’t. Not this time.” He hated that his voice trembled along with his body.

“I’m a big girl. I can handle you.” She shifted so that her curls teased his shaft.

His fragile control snapped.

Reign scooped her up and pinned her to the back of the shower stall. Alexis braced her feet on his hips and opened herself to him. He cupped her ass and slid home. He buried himself inside her tight, slick heat. Hot, wet, and so damn good, his seed boiled. He quivered from the strain.

Alexis gasped. Her eyelids fluttered closed as her hips bucked and her nails dug into his shoulders.

He hurt her.

He started to pull out, but she locked her long legs and arms around him.

“Don’t. Stop.” Her body clenched.

Locking him inside heaven.


Kill the beast.

Save your brother.cropped-mediumeverlasting.jpg

Win your freedom.

No problem.

Falling in love with the cop trying to arrest you?


To save his twin from death, Reign Nicolis will have to bargain with Goddess of the Dead, and once more become what he despises, El Mortem, The Scourge, a killer trained to show mercy to none. But he is haunted by those who have fallen beneath his blade. Their ghostly shapes dog his footsteps, relentless in their torture to make him suffer for what he was put on this earth to do two thousand years ago. Saving his twin ensures Reign’s enslavement to the Goddess. She may own his body, but never his heart.

Detective Alexis Lever’s career is in shambles. Her only chance at redemption is to discover what happened to the body of Daniel Nicolis. To do that she’ll have to thwart two men: Reign Nicolis and Roman Nicolis. Both belong in jail. But one has stolen her heart.


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