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Happy Hump Day! It’s time for a Mid-Week Tease. I’m continuing with Evermore, Descendants of Ra Book 3. Intimacy between Avery and Emeline opens up an avenue of possibilities… and danger. None of which are lost on Emeline.

His thumb stroked her damp folds and slipped between to circle her clitoris. Lust pulsed through her. She cried out, startled by the intensity. He slipped his finger inside, deep as it would go. Emeline rocked back, greedy for more. She rolled her hips and pumped, and was nipped on a cheek for her efforts.

He stretched her, stroked slick walls, priming her for more. She patted the floor, searching for the gold packet.

“Condom.” Avery moaned against her slick flesh. He nipped her again and soothed the sting with his velvety tongue.

“I’m…trying…to…find…one,” she panted.  Her fingers brushed a square foil. She snatched the packet up and passed it back. In anticipation, she listened to him rip the foil open. Any second now, he would fill her, soothe her emptiness.

He flipped her over and scooped her up. She loved a man who wasn’t afraid to handle her. He strode through the apartment to the master bedroom and placed her on his bed. She took a moment to appreciate his body. And what a body. Built for war and made to pleasure a woman. Not an ounce of fat anywhere her gaze landed. He had a heavily padded chest that melded to washboard abs and narrowed to hips. Muscle and sinew chiseled specifically to devastate the female population. Just looking at him made her glad God made her a woman.

The towel fell away, revealing the thick length of him. Her mouth wasn’t the only thing that watered at his jutting erection. HUNG. Yes, capital letters applied.

He came to her with a leonine crawl over the bed and her trembling body to stretch out on top of her. Her legs parted and he settled between her thighs. She loved his weight, the feel of him pinning her to the bed, and brought her knees up to his waist.

“Touch me. I need your hands on my skin.” He said between fevered kisses along her jaw. His black and green eyes pleaded for the contact. The way he gazed at her, longing mixed with lust, he needed her. They needed each other. Emeline wanted this merging of flesh, to feel all of him inside and around her.

She stretched out her hand and the air between her and his tortured skin hummed with anticipation. A vibration started within her and synchronized with the energy radiating from Avery. She’d touched him, lay her palm on his burned flesh. Sifting—the ability to read a person’s thoughts through touch, a skill each Null had to varying degrees—wasn’t a power she ever had, until now.

Being inside Avery’s head, seeing herself as he pictured her left her hungry for things she couldn’t have. Hungry for a life she’d never lead.

Avery captured her mouth in a blistering kiss while he nudged her entrance. Slowly, he stretched her while he sank deep inside her body. God, he was big. Pleasure tinged with a brief spark of pain which faded as quickly as it flared. He filled her so deliciously, so perfectly, as if he were that missing piece she’d always longed for.

He hooked her knees, gripped her rear, and pulled her flush against him. She sobbed and writhed in abandon. A harsh groan rasped from his throat and his hips began a steady rhythm. Each thrust spun a web around her, pushed her toward a towering precipice. The fall from such a height would destroy her soul and leave nothing of the barrier protecting her heart.

And she did not care.

All thoughts derailed. She met his thrusts with her own, arching her hips with every stroke, wanting him deeper, “Harder.”

Self-preservation withered as the slapping of their bodies competed with their harsh breaths and greedy moans. He squeezed her nipples and he ground the base of his shaft against her.

Tension whipped through her, centered where they joined, building. His strokes lengthened, until each left her desperate for more. Yet more would never be enough. All of him, that’s what she wanted. She brought her knees up to her chest. His fingers dug into her flesh and he lifted her rear. His hips pistoned, creating exquisite friction with each push and pull. She panted, trying to hold onto herself, to keep a little of herself for herself. But the battle was already lost.

Avery spread her knees apart. Abdomen to abdomen, chest to breasts, he ravished her mouth as he ravished her body. Her orgasm slammed into her and ripped through her body in throbbing waves that momentarily robbed her of sight and sound. Inner muscles clamped down on his dick, demanding he join her in ecstasy. Avery swelled within her. Never had she felt so full, so complete. His entire body stilled, contracted on a spasm. He threw back his head and shouted as he climaxed. Her walls clenched at him, sucking the orgasm from him.

“Jesus, Eme. You’re killing me.” He groaned while his hips jerked and continued to pump.

She wrapped her arms around him—touched his damaged skin—and absorbed the sensation of his taut body pulsing his release, and harsh face reposed in ecstasy. His thoughts filtered through her mind, loving, sated, sleepy thoughts as his mind fogged.

Emeline kissed him, wanting the moment to last forever. She’d shared more than her flesh. A host of possibilities exploded between them, a beginning…which would lead to a disastrous end. Their moment had ended. She pulled away before he saw the tears.

Avery slipped from her body and instantly she missed him. He tossed the condom into a nearby wastebasket and moved from the bed. She studied his ass as he strode into the bathroom. She studied his front when he returned with a washcloth. Gently, he cleansed her. Blushing, she submitted to his ministrations. No one had ever taken care of her so intimately. His actions left her…stunned.

When he was done, Avery snuggled, spooning her into the shelter of his body. For the first time in a very long while, she felt loved… and absolutely miserable. The pillow soaked up her silent tears as she wondered how long it would last. Then she knew. The euphoria would last until he discovered all her lies and killed her for her treachery.

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