Happy Hump Day! One more week until Christmas. Tell the truth, have you been naughty or nice. I may not know the truth about you, but I know Emeline is about to be very bad!

Emeline threw away her fears and focused on the pleasure of being in Avery’s arms. Nothing had prepared her for a full dose of Avery. The combination of both set her on an emotional path she’d never journeyed. A path of blazing desire for one man, the man currently molding his lips to hers.

“Mmm. I taste myself on you,” she said and slanted her lips across his. His tongue stroked deep into her mouth, mimicking what she was sure he wanted to do with her body. She groaned, giving into the drugging sensation. He possessed her mouth with swiping sweeps and tender nips. She loved it, submitted under the delicious assault, and craved more.

He rained kisses across her tender jaw and down her neck. Then he lifted her and brought her nipples to his mouth. His tongue flicked out, pink against her brown skin. She stroked her nails over his rough flesh. He quivered, his muscles strained, as if ready for war. He sucked, long draws on her nipples, first one, then the other, creating an unbearable tension low in her groin.

Abruptly, he ceased and brought her level with his hot gaze. “Tell me to stop or tell me what you want.” His fierce features demanded an answer. A decision only she could make.

She wanted him. Every hard inch inside of her. Right now. This wasn’t about Ridley’s schemes, the Order, and the danger surrounding them; everything could wait, except him. She wanted Avery Nicolis, secretly she always had. If this was the only moment she ever had in his arms, then to hell with everything else. She’d take it.

Emeline touched his injured shoulder. His muscles spasmed under her fingers. He groaned, a deep throaty sound. Pulled flush against him, he held her close with one hand splayed on her lower back and the other on her neck. His head dropped to her collarbone, then he licked a trail up to her earlobe and sucked. “Don’t. Stop. Touching,” he growled and the sound reverberated within her.

She couldn’t even if she wanted to. Somehow, some way, she had slipped into his mind. Tumbled down the rabbit hole into a tornado of desire and lust, so violent they snatched her up and carried her away. She was lost in a maelstrom and as her core stretched, begging to be filled, and she did not care.

EVERMORE Descendants of Ra Book 3







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