Avery and Emeline are still in bed. Both a coming to some very important realizations about what they mean to each other. I hope you enjoy it.


No. Sex.

She didn’t tell him no taste. Avery drew one nipple into his mouth and rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger. Emeline arched, giving her full breasts over to his care. After he’d laved each nipple, he eased his tongue down the center of her exquisite body and swore butterscotch coated her skin.

A pale birthmark graced on her right hip. He tongued the mark. Emeline jerked, a ragged breath escaped, and her legs parted, giving him a glimpse of moisture glistened on her hairs. He glanced up and captured her heated gaze as his tongue separated her folds.

Dear God. Avery lost himself in her lusciousness. He buried his face in her bounty, and loved her the way he’d fantasized. Emeline grabbed his head and rocked against his hungry mouth. She grunted, “Yes.”

He lapped her clitoris, twirled the tip of his tongue around the sensitive nub, and sucked. Hard. Her legs clamped around his head and her hips rose off the floor. He thrust into her, stroking her sweet folds until she shouted his name, and came as he continued his assault on her tender flesh. He didn’t stop until she collapsed, her legs falling limp.

Avery lay his head on her inner thigh and watched the quivering of her core subside. His dick throbbed, jealous of where his tongue had been. So close. But her words—No Sex—shut down that possibility. If this was the only moment that they would ever have, he would be grateful. Tonight was more than he’d ever hoped for.

He left the place he wanted to be, secured the towel around his hips, and stretched over her body. Her breaths were shallow, eyes a bit glassy, but then she blinked and focused on his face. So serious, he wanted to see ecstasy on her features, not the picture of doom that greeted him. Already he could see regret forming on her tightening features.

Avery pulled away. The fantasy was over. Emeline threw herself into his arms. Sobs wracked her frame and crushed the delusion he’d nurtured. He closed his eyes—blocking her beauty and the pain. Slow and steady breaths calmed his racing heart, and even though the room closed in on him, he held her close.

She whispered, “I’m afraid. I hate being afraid. I don’t know what this is between us. And-and we’ve met less than a day ago.”

But my heart knows you.



There is no such thing as a chance meeting.

There’s no room in Avery Nicolis’s life for an obsession, yet why else does he stalk Emeline Gamble. Lurking in the shadows, he hungers for a woman he can’t have. Between the secrets he guards and anarchy roiling in his soul, his only solace are his glimpses of Emeline. He will resist her, protect her from himself, and deny his desire to claim her heart.
Emeline Gamble was a Watcher for the Order—a secret society of women charged with monitoring the offspring of the gods. For months, she observed Avery Nicolis, an elite mercenary, Descendant of Ra, and enemy of the Order. Never knowing he had her in his crosshairs.
Trapped in a lie, Emeline is forced to accept Avery as her bodyguard. Compelled to spend time with him, she learns to care for his tortured soul and see the hero lurking beneath the assassin’s façade.
But every word out of her mouth is a lie. Every action a betrayal. Because to save her family she is forced to accept a new assignment, deliver Avery Nicolis to the Goddess of Chaos, alive…
And do not fall in love with him.

Eternity (Descendants of Ra: Book 1)
Everlasting (Descendants of Ra: Book 2)
Evermore (Descendants of Ra: Book 3)

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