My Sexy Saturday September 7, 2012



Here’s another sexy excerpt of Everlasting.

A little set up first. Reign and Alexis are at her parent’s anniversary party. She is not quite thrilled that Reign is there, afraid he may embarrass her. Yes, she’s a little shallow, but there’s a reason why. You have to read Everlasting to find out. 

A man filled the doorway. Conversation abruptly ended as both men and women paused to appreciate the predator in their midst. He studied the room until his gaze leveled on her. Desire flared in his blue eyes, turning his hard impersonal stare into a smoldering caress that left her charred. Everyone and everything faded, leaving only him.

He bent and whispered something to Mrs. Kelly. Her neighbor smiled and went in the opposite direction while he approached Alexis. Crowds parted. Men pulled their women closer while women gawked, whispered to the girlfriends, and tried to intercept him. He paid them no attention. His gaze never wavered as he threaded his way to Alexis.

He stalked her, moving smoothly between the tables and the dance floor until he stopped inches away. The tuxedo didn’t hide the perfection of his body. Clean shaven, his chiseled face held no softness except for his newly cropped, wavy hair curling around his ears and nape, tempting her. Different clothes, different hair, same eyes. They were still deep, ocean blue. Those orbs drained her will and left her remembering their only night together.

“Apologies for my delay. Mrs. Kelly needed my help.”  He held out his hand to her and without a thought, she took it and he pulled her closer. “You are the most stunning woman I have ever seen. You steal my breath, Amori. If I knew you shielded this,” his gaze swept her from head to toe “beneath that cloak, I would have held you captive in your bedroom.”

“Y-you cut your hair,” she stuttered and couldn’t resist reaching up and threading her fingers through the waves. “And your beard. I liked your beard,” she breathed. Especially when he brushed his chin across her nipples right before taking them into his mouth.

“For you, Amori, I will grow it back.”  His lips were inches from her. All she had to do was lean in to taste him.

“And your clothes? What happened to your jeans and boots?”  She fingered the lapel. Dangerously delicious in regular clothes, in a tux, Reign was a thousand sins to anyone with an ounce of estrogen.

“Mrs. Kelly. She showed me a picture something called a magazine, Vogue.”

The word sounded strange on his tongue and made a laugh bubble in her chest.

“That woman was a warrior in another life.” A smile teased the corner of his mouth. She leaned closer to his hovering lips.

“You did this for me?” She couldn’t hide the hope in her voice.

Reign nodded. “I would do anything for you.”

A tingling awareness spread from her chest to her limbs and shot up to her brain, leaving her lightheaded and swaying toward him. His hand rested on her waist and drew her into the shelter of his body. She didn’t resist the craving need to feel his heat, share it, and share hers. She didn’t suffocate beneath the glare of his smoldering blue eyes. She breathed, she lived, she— Oh . . . shit! She couldn’t bring herself to even think the word.

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