My Sexy Saturday August 3, 2013



Here’s another sexy snippets from my latest novel, Everlasting.

“I don’t need your protection, Reign.” Alexis said.

“Yes, you do. I am all that stands between you and those animals.”

There was no arrogance in his statement. Just truth. She did need him. She also needed him to be honest. “And that’s the only reason you’re here? To stop the beasts?”

“I came to save my brother. But he does not need me.”

“And afterward? When we find a way to stop those things, what then?”

“…I find a way to leave you.” Tight voice, his rigid face held no emotion.

“Good. The sooner, the better,” she mumbled through the lump in her throat.

His eyes darkened, but he said nothing.

“When you leave, do you go back to Chemmis?”

A cold wave hit her. His lips thinned into an angry line and his hands fisted. He nodded once. Hmm? He held no love for the place.

“I need to sleep.” She walked around him and his fingers brushed the back of her hand. A jolt of sorrow caused her entire body to seize.

Then his fingers slipped into her palm. A dull ache welled in her center and spread to every cell, leaving a void in its wake.

The pain wasn’t hers.

Alexis canted her head at Reign. To the world, he was a six foot eight inch warrior. Deadly to his enemies and her sense of self-preservation. Still, watching his bowed head, feeling the desolation seeping from his palm into her, she saw the truth.

Their gazes locked. Longing lay naked in the depths of his eyes.


He claimed her lips with a scorching kiss. Raw and hungry, her head reeled. A hand cupped her head. Another gripped her hip and gave a gentle tug. She didn’t fight him guiding her closer or the desire he ignited in her blood. His knee slipped between her thighs and he lifted her until she hooked a leg around his waist. Chest to breast, abs to abs, groin pressed against groin, she felt him lengthen. Her core blossomed. Alexis moaned and his tongue slid into her mouth. He tasted like Sunday dinner at grandma’s, Christmas morning, and Midnight on New Year’s Eve, while his body promised Disney World. His biceps flexed as his hand slid under her shirt and stroked up her back. 

She moved her hand up his chest, feeling the cotton fabric, the tense muscles beneath, and the thud of his racing heartbeat. Then her fingertips brushed the bare skin of his neck.

A bundle of conflicting emotions slammed into her. Passion warred with frustration and a simmering rage. Terror and loneliness mixed with a profound hunger and a darkness no sun could penetrate. Betrayal had tainted his memories, leaving an anger that stretched centuries. All of this was woven together by bitter regret.

Questions cleared the lust from her mind. She tore her lips away, aching from pain belonging to Reign. Briefly, his hands tightened on her body. His head dropped into the crook of her neck before she could search his face for answers. Warm breath fanned her collar. She bit her lip to keep from protesting when his hands dropped to her hips and he set her on her feet.

Alexis darted up the stairs to the safety of her grandmother’s bedroom.

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