Why Did I Write About The Egyptian Gods?

About five years ago, I decided I wanted to write a series. I’ve always loved paranormal romances, vampires, werewolves, the fey, shape shifters, novels about other worlds inhabited with different species. Naturally, I gravitated to what I enjoyed reading, but I was tired of the usual books populating the genre. Fangs, claws and fur, oh my. I considered writing about the Greek Gods, but I had recently started reading a popular series about the Greeks and I felt I had no new ideas to offer.

Then I thought of the Egyptian Gods. Ancient Egypt is one of the most well documented cultures. Although the Egyptian Gods have a wealth of history and folklore, there aren’t many fiction books about them. Their story still remains untold.

With hundreds of deities to choose from, I settled on the four: Nu, mother of the pantheon. SET and Nephythys, estranged spouses and their unwanted son,  Anubis. I added two humans, twin brothers Roman and Reign. As their stories unfold, so does the treachery, avarice and lust of the Egyptians gods. I’m having a blast writing discovering these fascinating characters.


Eternity-Final242 (3) (480x640) (225x300)Eternity is a story of reincarnation and redemption. Roman Nicolis, a mercenary falls in love with the Elyssian, the wrong woman. He seduces her, taking her virginity and cursing them both. For two thousand years, Roman wanders the earth searching for the only woman he can love. Time and again, Roman finds her, only to lose her horribly. Now, in present day New York City, they meet again. And this is his last chance to get things right.










Everlasting is a story about love and loyalty. Reign Nicolis has been a prisoner of Nephythys, the Goddess of the Dead. She controls his body, but will never own his heart. In order to save his twin from death, Reign agrees to give her his love…until his soul is magically attached to Detective Alexis Lever.

TmoniqueTradingCards_F1 (184x238)Alexis Lever has one chance at redeeming her career, finding the Village Strangler, Daniel Nicolis. But instead of finding the serial killer, she discovers she has a mystical stalker in the form of Reign Nicolis. For years, she had dreamed of him, now no more than one hundred feet can separate them. Day and night, they are forced to be together, fighting their urges and the danger surrounding them.

But the goddess will have her way, or everyone on Earth and all the gods in the Egyptian pantheon will pay.


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