Not So Sweet Saturday Sample

Here is a Not So Sweet Sample of the sequel to Eternity.




Alexis led the way upstairs.

Inside her bedroom, she guided Reign to a rattan chair which groaned under his weight. She backed away and toed off the soggy sneakers, then grabbed the tab of the zipper on her sweater. Slow and steady, the whiz of the descending tab was the only sound in the room. Hands gripping the arms the chair, Reign leaned forward, lips parted, eyes glazed. His gaze traveled with the zipper, then shot to her face.

A wicked smile answered his unasked question. She turned, showing him her back. She shrugged one shoulder free and peeked over it, making sure she had his full attention. His gaze hadn’t left her. Another shrug and the sweater slid to the middle of her back.

The chair creaked.

She didn’t turn around. She let the sweater fall. The pants followed, pooling at her ankles. Maybe she should thank the NYPD for not confiscating her lacy underwear. Bending over, she stepped from the pile of clothing. When she straightened, she knew Reign no longer sat in the chair on the other side of the room.

Heat radiated from him, warming her back. The straps of her bra dangled. She reached behind and with a pinch and twist, the bra fell to the floor. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her string bikini and shimmied out of them.

Heavy footsteps followed her into the bathroom and stopped when she entered the shower stall. The strip of frosted glass on the shower door hid enough to let the imagination run wild. By Reign’s strained stare, tense body, and the vein pulsing in his neck, he imagined a lot.

Alexis crooked a finger and invited him inside. She didn’t want him to imagine. She wanted him to see.



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