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Slowly, Roman placed careful kisses on Stella’s tear stained cheeks and trembling lips. He brushed her hair back and before she protested, pressed kisses along her scars and then down the column of her neck. He stopped and was about to pull away when her fingers threaded through his hair and guided him to the sweet swell of her breast. He inhaled the lavender and rose scent of her skin.

“Let me see all of you, see how beautiful you truly are.” He moved away and found the strength to wait for her decision. Stella clutched the fabric to her bosom. Her eyes were wide with worry while she chewed on her bottom lip. Seconds stacked together. Roman held his breath, silently pleading with her to choose a future with him. Her hands fell away. She stood and the sheet pooled at her feet.

His breath caught. Stella’s hands moved to shield her body. His gaze shifted to her face and he saw her uncertainty. Still on his knees, he held out his hand and didn’t move. Timidly extending her arm, she reached for him. Her fingertips brushed his skin before their palms met. He didn’t pull, but waited for her to come to him. When she did, he brought his lips to her scarred abdomen, kissing each scar while stroking her sides and hips. Her hands moved from his hair to his shoulders, caressing him, while his kisses spoke his love. In the quiet room, her sigh of delightful need moved him to sweep her
up and lay her on the bed.

How long is one man willing to wait for one woman?



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