Soul Mate Authors are hosting me today!

SMP:  TMonique, welcome! Tell us all about you! What would you most like your readers to know?

TMONIQUE:  My readers should know I love novels. Big juicy novel that takes days to read. I love complicated stories with engaging subplots.  I love novel that continue on in the readers mind after they’ve read The End and closed the book. Those are the stories I write.

SMP:  Are you one of those writers born with a pen in your hand and ideas flitting through your mind, or did your interest develop later?

TMONIQUE:  I started reading Harlequin Romances in middle school and I completed my first novel in high school. Melted Hearts of Ice was a story about a journalist and a hockey player. It was four hundred handwritten pages of the purplest prose you could ever find on the planet. LOL.

SMP:  When did you become serious about seeing your…

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