Serialized fiction

I thought this blog was timely and informative

N. E. White

If you follow any of the blog posts about publishing today, you know that times are a-changin’.  With the introduction of POD (print-on-demand) printing technology and eBooks (electronic versions of books in whatever format – .mobi, .pdf, kindle, etc.), the traditional printing paradigm in shifting…to the past.

Serialized Fiction was something those crazy Victorian’s got into, and I wouldn’t doubt it is even older than that.  I mean, really, can you imagining listening to the entire Iliad in one go?

I think not.

When I first conceived of writing seven (friggin’) stories based on the seven deadly sins, I thought the tales would be short and punchy.  Not quite as concise as a short story (usually less than 20,000 words), but not as long as a novel (usually more than 75,000 words).  I envisioned novella length stories that I could write quickly while learning the craft of writing.

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