Gotta Love Husbands

I love my husband and I will tell you why. Why! Because ten minutes ago, he walked into the bedroom where I’m diligently editing my manuscript and shows his Army Regulation Survival Textbook. He stands in front of me ranting because he found exerpts of this book in the public library where anyone, aka Taliban, can find it. I wisely withhold the information about the invention of the internet and listen and agreed with him as a dutiful, supportive wife should.
 While he rants I take the book from him and exam the content page and discover that all the information I ever needed on aything dealing with surviving in any condition; desert, tropical, what not to eat, how to hide, etc is in that book. I ask how long he’s had the book and he says five years. FIVE YEARS. Do you know how much time that could have saved me in research!

But, better late than never. And as a good wife. I never said a word. I just smiled and patiently waited for him to finish his rant. Ahh, Gotta love men.

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