Meet and Greet

I went to a meet and greet on Friday and had a wonderful time.  I met a very nice agent but since I have already sent my manuscript to a publisher I was under the impression that I couldn’t have her read it. I am wrong. So, I’m planning on mailing my manuscript to her and see what happens. I have an agent appointment on Friday at the Moonlight and Magnolia conference in Atlanta. Am I ready for it? No! Am I nervous as hell? Yes! But this is all I have wanted to do sent high school so I am going to approach this meeting as a job interview that I know I am qualified for. What is mine no one can take from me. So whatever happens I will be fine and nothing will stop me.
Also,  I joined ACRWA and can’t wait for the first meeting. They are a great bunch of people, many already published with years of experience and knowledge. I should learn a lot from them.

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