What do we like in our Heroe’s? How tall, smart, wealthy, arrogrant do they need to be to satisfy your readers? What is that perfect balance of perfection and imperfections that make up the man that your readers want to follow. What qualities do the men in your life have that you have stolen and used in your stories.
I’m asking these question because I need help with creating memorable male characters that linger in the readers mind.

One thought on “Heroe’s

  1. This is an excellent question. For some reason, I prefer a hero who's a foot taller than the heroine. Of course he must have well-defined muscles. I gravitate more toward black hair with blue or green eyes. Chest hair, but not too much! I don't like sarcastic arrogance, but lordliness borne of intelligence is good. The biggest draw for me is a humorous outlook on life. Happy writing! 🙂


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