Not the End

Ok, I’m a slacker. I got distracted by work, life, critiquing the works of others ( which I love). I haven’t had any time to write or edit. I need to post chapter 6 on my yahoo loop but I haven’t had the time to do that also. I’m so busy, I’ve taken so many workshop that are overlapping that I’m missing homeworks and I feel like I’m not getting the most out of it.

Am I whinning? Yes, but I love being busy. For the first time I feel alive and I am living the dream. I’m writing and doing it well and…I’m happy. God, it’s a weird feeling to be happy about writing. Have I found my niche? I pray I have because I have been on this journey since I was 15. This is my time to shine.

Future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

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